Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi is located at 59 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, including 498 luxury apartments with an area from 83m2 to 333m2.
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Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi is one of the apartment complexes that attracts a lot of foreign guests. The apartment is positioned in the eco-friendly West Lake area, the rental prices are mid-range and there are many different types of rooms with different areas, making it a good choice for all tenants' needs, including both single guests and families.

Location of D'. Le Roi Soleil

Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil is located at 59 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi. The space is quite quiet and green, with three sides facing West Lake and one facing the Red River. If you dislike the hustle of Hanoi, D'. Le Roi Soleil is a good option for you.

Overview of project D'. Le Roi Soleil from above

Because of the many main roads and developed traffic around this apartment complex, you can easily move to many other critical areas of the capital such as The Old Quarter, Nam Thang Long, Me Tri, Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh, Noi Bai International Airport, and neighboring industrial parks across Nhat Tan Bridge.

Furthermore, D'. Le Roi Soleil has a significant number of foreign communities, primarily high-budget tenants such as managers, business people, embassy staff, and high-class international organizations.

Overview of apartment for rent in D' project. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi

Project D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi consists of 02 luxury apartment towers with 25 floors and a 01 05-star standard service tower with 08 floors. Each apartment tower has 05 elevators, including 04 passenger elevators and 01 cargo elevator. In addition, there is also a sophisticated and modernly designed escalator system, which contributes to the luxury of the building.

The escalator system has a sophisticated and luxurious design

The project has a total of 498 apartments with an area from 83m2 – 333m2. There are 05 types of apartments, 01, 02, 03, 04 - bedroom apartments and penthouse, suitable for all tenants' needs, including both single guests and families.

  • 3rd - 11th floor: 23 apartments /floor.
  • 12th -19th floor: 24 apartments /floor.
  • 20th – 21st floor: 19 apartments /floor.
  • 22nd – 23rd floor: 18 apartments /floor.
  • 24th floor: 20 apartments /floor.
  • 25th floor: Penthouse includes 08 apartments/floor.
  • The project is integrated with many facilities such as a commercial mall, gym, infinity pool, spa, children's play area, cinema, garden...

When renting an apartment at D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi, you will experience and enjoy many high-class facilities

Katsuki Katsunori, a well-known Japanese architect, designed the project's architecture in European Classical and Neoclassical styles. The entire structure is made of natural granite imported from Brazil, India, or Italy. The apartments are fully furnished with modern furniture from well-known brands such as Kohler, Grohé... All of this contributes to an incredibly comfortable living environment.

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Outstanding facilities in D'. Le Roi Soleil

Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil is one of the modern apartment complexes, offering many types of rooms of different sizes to meet all your needs. Besides, when living there, you will enjoy the high-class external and internal facilities.

External facilities

Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil is surrounded by an amazingly diverse system of external utilities due to its prime location. This area is crowded with schools, supermarkets, amusement parks, hospitals, and clinics, which helps residents have a more convenient life.

Around apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil there are many facilities such as schools, supermarkets, amusement parks, hospitals, clinics...

  • International schools: Horizon International Bilingual School, Horizon Kids Academy International Kindergarten, Hanoi International Kindergarten (HIK), Hanoi Academy Bilingual Primary School, Hanoi International School (HIS), United Nations International School, ME International School, Singapore International High School (SIS)...
  • Supermarkets, commercial centers: Yuki's Fresh Fruits And Vegetables supermarket, Tomibun, Hung Long, Syrena Shopping Center...
  • Hospitals and clinics: Westcoast International Dental Clinic, Asvelis Veterinary Hospital, Raffles Medical Hanoi clinic...
  • Entertainment area: tiNiWorld Syrena children's play area, Bamboo House, CGV Xuan Dieu cinema, West Lake water park, Quang Ba flower garden...
  • Restaurants: Ramen & Butadon Oyama, Sushidokoro Yutaka Hanoi, Korea Box 1998, Jogaesa, Sushibar, The Sushi Club...
  • Coffee shops: Joma Bakery Café, Lalina Kids Cafe, Tequila Ciao...

Local amenities

A separate service tower of 05-star standard serves all the utility needs for tenants.

  • Four seasons swimming pool (7th floor) and infinity pool (8th floor) are designed in a unique neoclassical style. It has clean and fresh water that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and provides new experiences and mental relaxation.

The infinity pool on the roof of the building allows you to swim, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of West Lake.

  • Lion Mall at apartments for rent D' a. Le Roi Soleil is the largest commercial center in the area, with two floors and two basements that meet all of the needs of the residents. If you rent this apartment, you will have access to a wide range of utility services, including Tour Les Jour (1st floor), Minh Hoa supermarket (1st floor), Unik supermarket (1st floor), Fresh Garden (1st floor), Phuc Long coffee shop (1st floor), amusement park tiNiWorld (Basement B1), STEAMe GARTEN kindergarten (1 st and 2nd floor), CGV cinema (2nd floor), Apax Leaders English center (3rd floor), Kickfit Sport gym (Basement B2) ...

TiniWorld children's play area is located in the basement B1 of the shopping mall

CGV Cinema on the 2nd floor of Lion Mall is the largest cinema in the West Lake area, with a scale of 10 cinema rooms.

STEAMe GARTEN International Kindergarten is the first 05-star school system in Vietnam

  • The gym and spa are equipped with much modern equipment, in addition to a team of coaches and personnel with international qualifications.
  • Promenades and gardens at D'. Le Roi Soleil has a total area of ​​more than 4000m2 with many green trees, creating a beautiful and fresh landscape.

Green landscape system, in harmony with nature

  • 6 spacious basements for parking, can accommodate up to 530 cars and more than 600 motorbikes.
  • Backup 100% of backup electrical equipment in the building, including air conditioners and elevators.
  • The fire protection system meets international standards.

Modern apartment design, interior layout in Art Deco style

Apartments for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi is smartly designed, has an airy space, takes advantage of natural light sources, and has a panoramic view of West Lake. The interior of the apartment is arranged with Art Deco style furniture. From the exterior to the interior of the apartment, it exudes luxury and classy.

Apartments for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil has a modern design and airy space

The dominant white color is used in the design of the living room and bedroom, making the space luxurious and airy. The spacious kitchen is complete with a refrigerator, microwave, oven, kitchen shelf, table, and chairs... The bathroom floor is made of natural stone. The apartments' doors are 3-layer fireproof wooden doors, ensuring residents' safety in a fire emergency. Box glass with high sound insulation and good light reflection is used in balcony doors, windows, and glass walls.

Elegant and airy living room

The bedroom is designed in an open space, getting light and fresh air into the room

Clean natural stone bathroom

Rental price of apartments D'. Le Roi Soleil

  • 01-bedroom apartment: Area 50m2, the rental price is about $500 - $1200/month.
  • 02-bedroom apartment: Area 88m2, the rental price is about $1000 - $1200/month.
  • 03-bedroom apartment: Area from 114 to 146m2, the rental price is about $1500 - $2500/month.
  • 04-bedroom apartment: Area from 230 to 330m2, the rental price is about $4000 - $7000/month

 Apartment for rent in D'. Le Roi Soleil Hanoi was designed in European classical and Neoclassical architectural styles with harmonious and delicate artistic lines. Each apartment is fully furnished with high-class furniture, bringing a comfortable life for tenants. If you have a need to rent this apartment, please contact Property Plus, we will support:

  • Take you on a completely free tour to visit the apartment.
  • Support negotiating and signing an apartment rental contract with the best rental price.
  • Accompany you during your stay in the apartment.

Renting an apartment has never been so easy! Please visit our website https://propertyplus.com.vn or directly contact us by Property Plus’s hotline number 08 5666 2566!



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An ninh của tòa nhà là vấn đề được rất nhiều khách thuê quan tâm. Khi sinh sống tại D’. Le Roi Soleil, bạn có thể yên tâm về vấn đề này. Bởi tại đây, hệ thống camera thông minh được lắp đặt khắp nơi, có chức năng nhận diện khuôn mặt, biển số xe, tự động cảnh báo đối tượng lạ, giúp đảm bảo an toàn tuyệt đối cho cư dân.

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