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With many years of experience in the field of providing house finding services for foreigners to rent, Property Plus provides detailed information about the real estate market, especially about houses and villas for rent in Vietnam. Starlake Tay West Lake, Hanoi. In the article below is basic information about the Starlake Tay Ho Tay villa.

Starlake villa for rent attracts many foreign tenants

Starlake villa for rent attracts many foreign tenants

1. Why should you choose to rent Tay Ho West Villa?

The West Lake area  is constantly developing and receiving investment. This is a famous area with high-end villas, townhouses and quality apartments, located along the banks of Tay Ho Lake. This area often attracts upper-class people and foreigners to live. Here are the advantages when choosing to rent a villa in the West Lake area:

  • This area is surrounded by West Lake and adjacent to the Red River, creating a comfortable living environment and close to nature. Therefore, the choice of renting a villa here is suitable for those who are looking for a peaceful and clean green living space.
  • Diverse types: houses, from mid-range to high-end apartments, villas... meet the different needs and preferences of customers.
  • Apartments and villas are often located in quiet areas, providing private living space and enjoying beautiful views of West Lake.
  • Centrally located, close to business and entertainment areas. You will easily access high-end amenities and services such as: Lotte Mall, Syrena Tower commercial center, Sun Plaza Thuy Khu commercial center; Entertainment area: Tay Ho Palace, West Lake duck ride, West Lake water park, cycling along West Lake...
  • With its prime location and development of the area, investing in real estate in Tay Ho Tay can bring high profits in the future.

Starlake view villa overlooking Hanoi's West Lake

Starlake villa view overlooking Hanoi's West Lake

2. Outstanding villa area Starlake west of West Lake

2.1. Scale of Starlake villa area

Starlake Tay Ho Tay urban area is planned with a total area of ​​up to 186.3 hectares, and is a modern and multi-functional urban area, where every living moment is a wonderful experience. Housing construction land occupies 26 hectares, creating a comfortable and classy living space. What is more special is that the remaining 64% is planned to build public works and classy amenities.

In addition, peaceful artificial lakes and diverse entertainment areas such as children's playgrounds, swimming pools, and tennis courts create a living space full of amenities and entertainment for the whole family.

2.2. Types of Starlake villas

Starlake provides many types of villas with unique and diverse architecture to suit the needs of many customers.

  • Starlake detached villa: Single villa has an area ranging from 254m2 to 400m2, providing a large and comfortable living space. The villa is built with 3 floors.
  • Starlake semi-detached villa: semi-detached villas have an area from 185m2 to 310m2, suitable for families with smaller space needs. There are also 3 floors of construction, taking advantage of height space to create a comfortable living space.

Starlake Villa is designed with diverse living spaces and full amenities, enjoy every moment in a cozy and luxurious home.

  • 1st floor: Expanded space includes a modern living room, where the family can gather and enjoy precious moments. The large dining room combined with a modern kitchen creates a cozy dining space. In addition, this floor also has a comfortable bedroom, maid's room and modern laundry area, fully meeting daily needs.
  • 2nd floor: Dedicated to private space and entertainment. The bedroom is designed with a quiet reading space, the reading room provides a separate space for each family member. The classy entertainment room is a place to enjoy family entertainment
  • 3rd floor: Arrange additional bedrooms, flexible and comfortable common room, dressing room

The space inside the Starlake villa is designed in a variety of ways

The space inside the Starlake villa is designed in a variety of ways

2.3. Outstanding amenities in Starlake urban area

Starlake West Lake is aiming to become a new symbol of Hanoi, combining the modernity of global commerce of New York and the historical culture of Paris, always bringing perfect amenities to residents when traveling come to live:

  • Diverse sports and entertainment facilities: gym, outdoor tennis court, badminton court, indoor mini golf course
  • Commercial center and entertainment area
  • Outdoor swimming pool and indoor four-season swimming pool
  • Separate playground for children
  • Large parking lot: capacity of 1,031 cars and 2,000 motorbikes, ensuring comfortable and safe parking for residents.
  • Enjoy the artistic space with miniature spaces of Broadway (USA), Venice (Italy), Times Square (USA)…
  • International quality educational facilities: UNIS, SIS, HIS, CAS, Hanoi Academy... nearby schools in the area

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3. Rental price of Tay Ho Tay villa

It should be noted that the price list below is a general price and the rental price may change according to specific times and fluctuations in the real estate market. For the most detailed and accurate information, contact Property Plus directly. Our team has knowledge and experience in finding quality villas in Tay Ho Tay



Rental price

(excluded VAT & service charge)



3550$ - 3750$/month


2550$ - 3050$/month

4. Property Plus - reputable, professional apartment rental consultant in Hanoi

Dai Loi Real Estate Consulting and Trading Joint Stock Company (Propertyplus.com.vn) is a leading company in the field of consulting, managing and leasing hundreds of apartments for foreign guests to live and work. in Viet Nam. With 12 years of operating experience, understanding of each country's culture, and personalizing service to each customer, Property Plus ensures to provide 5-star service quality to satisfy all needs. client.

We are always a trusted partner of the Japanese community in Hanoi, providing in-depth and dedicated services according to the characteristics and requirements of Japanese customers.

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