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Vinhomes Royal City apartment is a luxury apartment in Thanh Xuan district. This is one of the most comfortable and luxurious apartments, with many outstanding utilities, chosen to rent by many elite and successful classes in Hanoi.

Location of urban area Vinhomes Royal City

Vinhomes Royal City urban area is at 72 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, including high-class apartments combined with modern utilities such as commercial centers, schools, international hospitals, etc., in an area of 12 hectares. This place promises to be a comfortable and luxurious living place for the upper class, successful in Hanoi.

Vinhomes Royal City urban area is at the southwest gateway of the Hanoi 


The place of the project is the gathering place of many arterial roads such as Nguyen Trai, Lang, Truong Chinh, Ring 3, Tay Son, Tran Duy Hung, etc. In addition, the infrastructure and utilities around this area have also developed quite rapidly. Many routers have upgraded and expanded (Vu Trong Phung Street, Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway, etc.), making the way to the key of Hanoi more convenient and faster. At the same time, there is also potential for many new real estates and utility projects in the area.

Vinhomes Royal City is one of the apartments with the most beautiful location in the Vinhomes project chain in Hanoi of Vingroup

From this location, tenants can easily move to areas such as:

  • Crossroads (about 300m away).
  • Nguyen Trai - Nguyen Xien - Khuat Duy Tien intersection (about 1.5km away).
  • Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh urban area (about 2km away).
  • Thong Nhat Park (about 3.5km away).
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (about 6km away).
  • Hoan Kiem Lake (about 8km away).

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Get an overview of Vinhomes Royal City urban area

Vinhomes Royal City is built based on a modern and classy European standard design style with arc-shaped towers with the Neoclassical architecture, combined with green bonsai gardens. The project includes sixth buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, and R6, with 4,460 luxury apartments.

Vinhomes Royal City apartment building is likened to "miniature Europe" in the heart of Hanoi

Specific information about each building:

  • Building R1 is located in the westernmost part of the urban area, 35 floors high with a total of 942 apartments. The area of ​​the apartments from 88.3 - 200.8m2.
  • Building R2 is located in the northernmost part of the urban area, adjacent to the To Lich River. The building is symmetric with the R2 building, 35 floors high includes 942 apartments. Area of ​​apartments from 89.8 - 200.8m2.
  • R3 building is 17 floors high, located in the center of Vinhomes Royal City project. Area of ​​apartments in this building from 109.2 - 221.5m2. The apartments are in the front and have an area of 180 - 220m2.
  • The R4 building is 35 floors high, located to the south compared to the R3 building. The area of ​​apartments in this building is from 93 - 137m2.
  • R5 building is 35 floors high, located to the East compared to R3 building. Area of ​​apartments from 93 - 137.6m2.
  • The R6 building is 30 floors high, located next to Nguyen Trai street, separate from the rest of the buildings. Area of ​​apartments from 93.2 - 162.6m2.

Outstanding facilities at Vinhomes Royal City apartment

Vinhomes Royal City offers tenants comfortable living conditions with a complex of high-class apartments, accompanied by many utilities.

Out-of-town facilities

  • Hospitals: Vinmec International Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, Traditional Medicine Hospital, Hanoi French Hospital, etc.
  • Schools: Baby World Bilingual Kindergarten, Winston International School, National Economics University, Hanoi Medical University, etc.

Hanoi Medical University is the leading quality medical training university in Vietnam

  • Public services: Hanoi Railway Station, Noi Bai Airport, My Dinh bus station, Bat Giap bus station, South Hanoi Transport bus station, etc.
  • Shopping area: PICO supermarket, BigC supermarket, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung, MAC Plaza, etc.

Vinhomes Royal City is about 3km from Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung

Local amenities

The central square is more than 30,000m2, stretching from the gate of Vinhomes Royal City to the R3 building. There are many sculptures of Italian Renaissance style on display. These statues are carved from monolithic stone that is extremely sophisticated and artistic.

The center Square

In particular, the statue of four horses in the center of the square is a highlight of the Vinhomes Royal City urban area. In addition to decorative purposes, in harmony with European architecture, this statue also has a meaning of feng shui. Horses are animals that carry the element of fire, symbolizing the Sun. The image of four horses galloping to the sky represents pride, endurance, success, and prosperity.

The four horse monument is located in the center of the square of Vinhomes Royal City urban area

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

Vincom Mega Mall is located at basement B1, B2, connecting from building R1 to building R6, with an area of ​​up to 230,000m2. In which, more than 150,000m2 are fashion, cosmetic, furniture, etc. 44,000m2 is a food court, 3,000m2 is an ice skating rink, 6,300m2 is a cinema, etc.

Vincom Mega Mall is the first international standard commercial center in Hanoi, also the largest commercial center in Southeast Asia.

Modern cinema, including 3D and 4D cinema rooms of international standards

Vincom Ice Rink rink

With a scale of 3,000m2, Vincom Ice Rink is the largest skating rink in Vietnam, located on the B2 floor of the commercial center. Tenants can come here and experience sports such as ice skating, hockey, etc.

Vincom Ice Rink is open from 9:30 to 22:00

Vinpearl Games Royal City amusement park

The entertainment area is on the B1 floor of Vincom Mega Mall Royal. Vinpearl Games Royal City has an area of ​​nearly 6,000m2 with more than 300 modern indoor games, meeting the relaxation needs of all residents such as bowling, archery, ball gun arena, tram collision, etc.

Modern Bowling Playground

British - Vietnamese International School

BVIS British-Vietnamese International School is on the campus of Vinhomes Royal City apartments. This is an international school very famous for its British education program, and have a quite expensive tuition fees. The school offers three levels of education: preschool, elementary school, and high school. Each levels are in a separate building.

British - Vietnamese International School

Vinschool International Kindergarten

Vinschool Kindergarten is at building R1 of Vinhomes Royal City urban area. This is one of the largest kindergartens in Hanoi with a total area of up to 4,8000m2. The school's design style is modern, with many large glass doors, divided into many specialized function rooms such as ballet practice room, folk dance, singing, music perception, computer science, etc.