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Apartment for rent in Sunshine City located in Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra), close to the southern bank of the Red River. This is a convenient and classy riverside project complex in the northwest area of ​​Hanoi capital. Find out detailed information about apartments for rent in Sunshine City with Property Plus through this article!

Location of Sunshine City apartment complex

Apartment for rent in Sunshine City is located in Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra). The Hudson River and Freedom Tower were the inspiration for the design of this riverside urban area.

Hudson River and Freedom Tower

Many experts estimate that the location of the Sunshine City apartment complex is the "diamond" land of the capital. This place not only has prosperous air, but also focuses on extremely high-class facilities, meeting international standards:

  • It is located close to the cool southern bank of the Red River, a symbol of Vietnamese culture, next to the under construction Vietinbank tower.
  • The west of Sunshine City is Pham Van Dong Street, easy to connect with Thang Long Bridge, Nhat Tan Bridge, Ring Road 2, Ring Road 3...

The location of Sunshine City is likened to the "diamond" land of Hanoi

Within a radius of 3km from the Sunshine City apartment complex, you can travel quickly to places such as the center of Ciputra Club urban area, Thang Long bridge, Nhat Tan bridge, Diplomatic Compound area... Within a radius of 7km, you can travel to West Lake water park, My Dinh bus station, E hospital, Thang Long industrial park,...

Get an overview of the Sunshine City project

Sunshine City can be considered a project complex that unites the elite of significant global cities like New York, Paris, and Melbourne. Since, a luxurious apartment complex in the west of the city has been built.

Sunshine City's design style is inspired by famous cities in the world

Some overview of the project:

  • Project name: Sunshine City
  • Project Investor: Sunshine Group.
  • Total construction area: 05ha.
  • Type of development: 06 high-class apartment buildings (providing 1791 apartments) and 69 villas adjacent to the shophouse.
  • Architectural style: The apartments are designed in a modern style, the villas are designed in a classic style.
  • Time to finish and put into use: June 1, 2021.

The lobby of the building is covered with marble, there is a sofa and tea table for tenants to relax

Outstanding facilities at Sunshine City

Sunshine City is rated as the leading livable riverside apartment complex in the West of Hanoi. When living here, you not only enjoy the outstanding internal facilities of Sunshine City but also experience the international standard facilities of the Ciputra urban area.

Internal utilities of the project

Sunshine City apartment building owns a total of 40 high-class, green utilities on the premises. These can be mentioned as Landscape area, miniature lake, hanging garden, aerial walkway, fountain, panorama swimming pool, Skybar, helipad, commercial center...

Indoor facilities of the apartment for rent in Sunshine City

  • Utility services on the 1st floor: Cinema in building S1, restaurant and coffee shop in building S2, shopping mall in building S3 and building S6, kindergarten on building S4 and supermarket in building S5.

Sunshine Mart supermarket with a variety of high-quality products, modern space will be an ideal shopping place for residents in Sunshine City.

  • Utility services on the 2nd floor: Community living areas with shops, meet the shopping needs of tenants.
  • Utility services on the 3rd floor: Indoor swimming pool, walking garden, gym, library, children's playground and food court connecting the two buildings S5 and S6.

Indoor four-season swimming pool on the 3rd floor of building S1

The walking garden connects 06 buildings on the 3rd floor with a system of trees and chairs, an ideal place to relax

In addition, each floor of the building is also designed with a hanging garden with an area of ​​​​about 100m2.

Outdoor facilities

In addition to indoor facilities, the apartment for rent in Sunshine City is also integrated with unique outdoor facilities such as:

  • The infinity pool on the 41st floor of buildings S5 and S6: has a large design with an area of ​​1,000m2, breaks all vision limits, opens up a relaxing space, as well as enjoys a great panoramic view of the city for you.

Infinity pool with an area of ​​​​up to 1,000m2

  • Outdoor swimming pool in the between building S2 and building S3: in addition to the indoor swimming pool and the four-season swimming pool, at Sunshine City there is also an outdoor swimming pool in the middle of buildings S2 and S3, meeting the swimming and relaxation needs of the residents.

Outdoor pool

  • Sky Bar on the 40th floor of the building: This is a place where you can visit, enjoy cocktails and enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the Red River.
  • Helipad on the roof of building S2 and building S3: This is a prime service, rarely found in Hanoi, as well as in Vietnam.


  • The shophouse lot is at the bottom of 06 buildings, meeting the shopping, dining and relaxing needs of residents.
  • The internal garden area with many trees, art statues on display and the hut is a cool and fresh place to walk, play, and rest, popular with many residents.

World-class facilities outside the area

Sunshine City Apartment inherits all high-class facilities, meeting international standards of the Ciputra urban area. Consists of:

  • About shopping: Ciputra Mall, TM13 commercial center, Tomita Mart luxury food supermarket...
  • About food: A series of restaurants and cafes are concentrated in the urban area, such as Highlands Coffee, Noble Moment Cafe, Japanese restaurant Tomita Bento - Healthy, French restaurant Saint Honoré, Cam Chan Quan restaurant, Korean restaurant BBQ Chicken...
  • About sports and entertainment: More than 11ha of urban area is used for sports and entertainment areas: 06 high-class clubs, 06 swimming pools, 05 gyms, 05 tennis courts, 01 training golf course...

Ciputra Golf Course

  • About the education system: This place has many international schools, training from kindergarten to high school such as United Nations International School of Hanoi, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, Kinderworld Kindergarten...
  • Ecological garden: At Ciputra, there is an Eco Path with a length of more than 7km, 10 children's playgrounds.

>>> See more information about the Ciputra urban area here.

Detailed information about apartments for rent in Sunshine City

Sunshine City project includes 06 buildings, providing 1791 modern apartments and 69 adjacent villas. The apartments, in particular, are designed with a reasonable area and in the style of modern New York City. The villa next to the shophouse is built in the classic and romantic style of the Paris neighborhood.

The design of apartments for rent in Sunshine City

Apartments for rent in Sunshine City have a large panorama view towards West Lake, Red River, Thang Long Bridge and Nhat Tan Bridge. This allows you to enjoy the bustling scene or the romantic sunrise and sunset of the capital.

Panoramic view from the balcony of Sunshine City apartment

In terms of design, the apartments inherit the architectural style's luxurious and high-class lines from the project overview. Sunshine City is also well-known for the quality of the furniture in the apartments. You will be able to use gold-plated furniture, use Kohler sanitary ware (Germany), a kitchen system, and a Daikin wall-mounted air conditioner if you rent an apartment here (Japan)...

The living room has an airy design, the floor is paved with high-class Overland tiles, the ceiling is made of plaster