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Ciputra Hanoi is always a popular choice for foreigners who come to Hanoi to live and work. This apartment is prevalent because it is located in the Ciputra urban area, which was built and developed with a balanced correlation between urban space and natural environment, creating a multi-functional area and is rated as the highest quality urban area with international standard public services.

Ciputra Hanoi - The ideal place for foreigners

Prime geographical location, convenient for commuting

Ciputra Hanoi urban area (Nam Thang Long urban area, Hanoi) is one of the most outstanding locations, where many people choose to live there. This is one of the largest urban areas in the North, and also the first urban area built according to the closed urban model in Hanoi.

Ciputra Hanoi address is at Nguyen Hoang Ton Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. This geographical location is extremely advantageous: the transportation system is developed, relatively close to the city's arterial roads, in the Nam Thang Long urban area, next to the Red River and West Lake. This makes moving around the city and neighboring provinces convenient.

  • Contiguous to Vo Chi Cong Street with the starting point connecting Nhat Tan bridge to Noi Bai airport, the endpoint connecting to Buoi, Lang, and Hoang Quoc Viet Streets, which form a traffic system running around Hanoi.
  • Contiguous to major roads are Thang Long and Pham Van Dong, making it convenient to move to the South of the city, run in the direction of National Highway 1A, or move to the North, towards Noi Bai.
  • Easily connects with Lac Long Quan, Au Co, and Buoi Streets to move into the inner city.

Map of Ciputra Hanoi urban area

Thanks to the above favorable traffic conditions, moving to many inner and outer cities becomes faster and easier. It will only take you about 15 minutes to move to the city center, about 25 minutes to Noi Bai airport, about 20 minutes to Tran Quoc pagoda, Quan Thanh temple, and about 5 minutes to the Diplomatic Corps, Korean Embassy...

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Ciputra Hanoi - a combination of private life and open community

Ciputra Hanoi urban area is built according to a closed urban model, helping you always feel safe and ensure your personal privacy when staying there. Besides, the villas, terrace houses, and apartments for rent in Ciputra are separated by long fences, helping to ensure security, as well as not intruding on your privacy.

On the other hand, while living in an apartment for rent in Ciputra, you also have the opportunity to participate in many regular activities such as Halloween festival, farm fair, book festival, environmental festival, fundraising program, swimming tournament... organized by the Management Board. It will create opportunities for all residents, especially foreigners, to exchange and experience interesting culture and life there.

Market in Ciputra Hanoi

Halloween festival held annually in the urban area

Modern design, brings a comfortable and high-class living experience

Ciputra Hanoi is known as an urban area with many villas and apartments for rent with various rental prices and areas that offer a variety of options. In particular, Ciputra Hanoi villas are built in a modern European style, the environment is quiet and airy, surrounded by many facilities such as international schools, gyms, tennis courts...

  • Phase 1 villas (including blocks C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, blocks D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and blocks G1, G6, G9, G10) are villas located near Vo Chi Cong Street, Nhat Tan Bridge. Each villa has 04 bedrooms, with areas of 126m2, 198m2, 230m2, and 300m2.
  • Phase 2 villas (including blocks T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9) are villas located near Nguyen Hoang Ton Street. Each villa has 04 bedrooms, with areas of 150m2, 180m2, 230m2, and 350m2.
  • Phase 3 villas (including 05 blocks M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 located in area Q) are villas located deep inside, behind the phase 2 villas. Each block will consist of 19 05-bedroom villas with an area of 450 - 500m2.
  • Phase 4 villas (including 06 blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G located in area K with a total of 161 villas) are located close to Phu Thuong village, near a two-way road connected from Nhat Tan Bridge to Thang Long Bridge. Each villa will have an area of ​​140m2, 180m2, 300m2, and 396m2.

For villas with an area of ​​​​126 - 350m2, the rental price will be from $1000 - $3000/month, and for villas from 350 - 500m2, the rental price will be from $3000 - $6000/month.

The villas are located in zone T (phase 2)

Central Park Villas (Area Q)

Regarding the apartment for rent, it is divided into 04 phases with a total of 12 buildings.

  • Phase 1: Including buildings G2, G3, each building has 20 floors with an apartment area from 119 - 200m2, rental price ranges from $600 - $1500/month.
  • Phase 2: Including buildings E4, E5, E1, each building has 20 floors with an apartment area from 119 - 200m2, rental price from $600 - $2200/month.
  • Phase 3: Including buildings P1, P2, and The Link Building L1, L2, each building has 19-21 floors with an apartment area from 145 - 300m2, rental price ranges from $800 - $3000/month.
  • Phase 4: The Link Building L3, L4, L5, each building has 20 floors with an apartment area from 114 - 267m2, rental price ranges from $600 - $4000/month.

High-class apartment building G2 - G3

Ciputra Hanoi apartment for rent in building L

Ciputra Hanoi apartment for rent in building P

The apartments for rent in Ciputra Hanoi are fully furnished with imported furniture, such as washing machine, dishwasher, wardrobe, refrigerator, television, sofa...

Fully furnished Ciputra apartment  

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Convenient services at the Ciputra Hanoi apartment

The convenient services for you when renting an apartment there include housekeeping service from 01 to 06 times/week, laundry and ironing service from 01 to 06 times/week, laundry chemicals, transmission Cable TV, wifi and high-speed Internet, management services are provided by Property Plus.

Property Plus is a unit specializing in providing consulting, management and rental services for high-class apartments for foreigners in Hanoi.

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Full facilities and perfect service with top quality

Ciputra Hanoi is a modern, large-scale urban area, ensuring the balance between urban space and the natural environment, creating a multi-functional city. There, more than 30% of residents are foreigners who come from more than 70 different countries. With a large number of foreigners living, Ciputra Hanoi is likened to a miniature "Western village" in the heart of Hanoi. Therefore, countless utilities and services are integrated which meet all needs of living, entertainment, tourism, education, health... with strict criteria, international standard quality.

Ciputra Hanoi - a high-quality urban area with public services meeting international standards

About shopping

There are some shopping centers, supermarkets, and convenience stores here to meet the shopping needs of residents such as Ciputra Mall, TM13 Mall, Tomita Mart luxury food supermarket, Hung Long supermarket, L's Place convenience stores, Ace Mart, Kmart...

Tomita Mart Premium Food Supermarket specializes in providing organic and clean foods

About food

Ciputra Hanoi urban area is home to an extremely rich culinary system, with styles from Asia to Europe. In particular, the restaurants and cafes here are carefully selected by the management before being put into the urban food system, ensuring the best quality and service for residents.

  • Coffee shops in Ciputra Hanoi: Highlands Coffee, Noble Moment Cafe, The Gate Lounge & Lifestyle...
  • Restaurants: Tomita Bento - Healthy Japanese restaurant, Ah Yat Chinese seafood restaurant, Saint Honoré French restaurant, Jafa European - Asian restaurant, Red Apron liquor store, Cam Chan Quan restaurant, Korean BBQ Chicken restaurant...

Noble Moment Cafe is located on the 1st floor, building P2, Ciputra Hanoi urban area

About the education system

One of the top concerns at Ciputra Hanoi is the education system. There are many international schools here, with education levels from kindergarten to high school. International schools with high-quality facilities and training programs at Ciputra Hanoi such as United Nations International School Hanoi, Singapore International School, Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, Sunshine House Kindergarten, Kinderworld Kindergarten, Global Art Cultural Center...

United Nations International School Hanoi is the earliest international school established in Vietnam, also one of only two United Nations schools in the world.

About sports, entertainment, and beauty care

Ciputra Club with a scale of 11ha, equipped with many high-quality and modern facilities was created to meet the needs of sports training, entertainment, and beauty care for residents.

  • 06 high-class clubs.
  • 06 swimming pools.
  • 04 gyms for adults and 01 gyms for kids.
  • 05 tennis courts.
  • 01 golf course.
  • Beauty facilities such as Saigon Smile spa, The Hair Workshop...

Outdoor swimming pool and tennis court


Golf practice course with 40 lanes, with a 300-yard lake 

Playground and promenade

Eco Path is more than 07km for pedestrians and cyclists, and 10 spacious children's playgrounds are exclusive facilities for residents in Ciputra Hanoi.

Eco Path in Ciputra Hanoi

Banks and post offices

Banks and post offices located within the Ciputra Hanoi urban area include Indovina bank, Techcombank, VPBank, and VNPT Post office.

Green oasis

In addition to comfort and safety, Ciputra Hanoi also offers a peaceful and green living space with a harmonious system of green trees along the roads, luxuriant green canopy, lush lawns, and 07-km walking paths. The urban area has up to 77ha of the area used for green space development, of which 50.8ha is a green area, and the rest is for the construction of parks and lakes. The difference between Ciputra Hanoi and other residential areas is to create a "green oasis" of the capital.

Ciputra Hanoi - Green paradise in the heart of the capital

The secret to Ciputra Hanoi always keeping a green - clean - beautiful living space is thanks to the management and care of the green landscape as well as building the community's awareness of environmental protection here.

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