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The trend of studio apartment design is becoming a popular type today, especially in large cities like Hanoi. More and more young people and single people choose studio apartments because of their convenience and flexibility. Next, Property Plus introduces to you outstanding studio apartment rental projects!

Studio apartments are suitable for young and single people

Studio apartments are suitable for young and single people

1. Learn about Studio apartments

Studio apartments are a great option for those looking for active and productive living spaces. Studio apartments often have small areas, but are designed in a smart way to optimize space. This helps create a comfortable and convenient living environment, suitable for both students, singles and those who want to enjoy urban life.

A Studio apartment is a small apartment combined with: living room, bedroom and kitchen, creating a feeling of larger and more efficient space when there are no dividing walls.

2. Why should you rent a studio apartment?

Renting a studio has many benefits, especially suitable for certain audiences:

  • Studio apartments are often located in convenient locations, near the city center or other necessary amenities.
  • Renting a studio apartment is often cheaper than renting a traditional house. You only pay for the space you use, helping to reduce financial pressure and create favorable conditions for those who want to save on furniture costs, house cleaning time, electricity and water bills, etc.
  • Due to the design style in a common space, all living needs are spread out in a small area, leading to convenience in all activities from eating, sleeping, communal living,...
  • Suitable for renting to students, single people, etc. who are studying and working short-term in the centers of cities.
  • Studio apartments often have small areas, making them easy to manage and clean

Studio apartment for rent at Sommerset West Point 254D Thuy Khue, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Studio apartment for rent at Sommerset West Point 254D Thuy Khue, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

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3. Outstanding studio apartment rental projects

3.1. Studio apartment at Sunshine City - Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Bac Tu Liem District

The studio apartment at Sunshine City is designed in a modern way, taking advantage of light and optimizing space to create a common living space with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

The project has the advantage of landscape, taking advantage of the location to bring a living space close to nature. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and immerse themselves in the exquisite landscape.

In addition, the project also has many amenities such as swimming pool, gym, children's play area, BBQ area, shopping center and flower garden.

3.2. Studio Fraser Suites apartment - 51 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho district

Fraser Suites Hanoi is located in a building with views of the beautiful scenery of Tay Ho district. The project has two types: Studio (40m2)  & Studio Executive (37m2). The amenities provided are 5-star apartments: free internet, living room, dining room, integrated kitchen, iron, washer/dryer, entertainment system, daily housekeeping service...

When renting an apartment here, you will enjoy outstanding amenities: Truffles/Chicken Society restaurant, Mizumi, health improvement gym, rooftop and outdoor swimming pool, and children's play area. , Syrena shopping center…

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Studio apartment with cleaning service at Fraser Suites 51 Xuan Dieu

Studio apartment with cleaning service at Fraser Suites 51 Xuan Dieu

4. Current rent for studio apartments


Average area of ​​studio apartment (m2)

Price ($/month)

Fraser Suites

37 - 49

1900$ - 2.600$

Pan Pacific



T Place Plaza



Somerset West Point



Sun Grand City



Novotel Suites

38 - 42 - 48

1.800$  - 1.500$

Eastin Hotel & Residence




38 - 40 - 45

1.500$  - 1.719$

Oakwood Residence



Somerset West Lake Hà Nội

37 - 40

1.500 - 1550$

Hannari Apartment


1100$ - 1210$

Vinhomes Metropolis



*The above prices may change depending on market conditions and do not include service fees and taxes*

5. Property Plus - reputable, professional studio apartment rental consultant in Hanoi

Dai Loi Real Estate Consulting and Trading Joint Stock Company (Propertyplus.com.vn) is a leading company in the field of consulting, managing and leasing hundreds of apartments for foreign guests to live and work. in Viet Nam. With 12 years of operating experience, understanding of each country's culture, and personalizing service to each customer, Property Plus ensures to provide 5-star service quality to satisfy all needs. client.

We are always a trusted partner of the Japanese community in Hanoi, providing in-depth and dedicated services according to the characteristics and requirements of Japanese customers.

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