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Metades: Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh - luxury, modern, 5-star standard apartment for rent, located on the arterial road of Hanoi Capital.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh is located at 54A - 56 Nguyen Chi Thanh - the arterial road of the capital with many facilities such as gym, swimming pool, Vinmec International General Hospital, Vinschool international school system, center commercial, etc. This will be a great choice for foreign guests to visit and stay in Vietnam.

Location of the Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh Hanoi

Built-in 2014 by Vingroup, Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh makes a deep impression in the real estate market thanks to a complex of high-class apartments for those who love a modern and comfortable lifestyle in the heart of Hanoi. 

Golden location of Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh project

Located at 54A - 56 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, this is the arterial road of the capital and also belongs to an important traffic network. This location helps to quickly connect with other key areas such as De La Thanh, Lieu Giai, Kim Ma, Tran Duy Hung, Lang street, etc.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh is a project planned on the "golden" land of the Hanoi capital, possessing special advantages in terms of development potential, modern infrastructure, synchronous traffic, and methodical planning.

In addition, the Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh project has always received special attention from many investors and apartment tenants thanks to the "expensive" coordinates, turning the apartments of this project into one of the most prestigious projects in the world the most livable places in the capital.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh is in the golden position of the capital

Some famous places around the project:

  •  It only takes about 5 minutes to move to schools or educational institutions such as Law University, University of Culture, Hanoi Foreign Trade University, etc.
  • You will need less than 10 minutes to move to places of entertainment such as Sky City 88 Lang Ha, PVI Tower, National Cinema Center, etc.
  • Around the building area, there are also high-class office buildings, Lien Viet Bank, Maritime Bank, VIB, Tien Phong Bank, VPBank, etc.

Near Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh, there are many high-class office buildings

  • Some administrative agencies around the building such as the Government Cipher Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, etc.
  • Within a radius of 1km from Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh, you can quickly find 5-star quality standard medical centers and hospitals such as Children's Hospital, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and Transport Hospital, etc.
  • Some famous restaurants around Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh are:Saiko Sushi & Japanese Cuisine, Suzunoya Japanese hot pot restaurant, Otomisan restaurant, the first Chinese dumpling, Sumibozu restaurant, etc.

Convenient transportation system

The reason Nguyen Chi Thanh is called one of the arterial roads of the capital is because the route is located in the center of Hanoi, easily connecting with other areas. The route is upgraded and expanded, bringing convenience to all residents living and working here.

Convenient transportation system

The special feature that makes the Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh project "more expensive" is thanks to the modern Metro line that has come into operation. Metro Line number 2A includes: Cat Linh, La Thanh, Thai Ha, Lang and Metro Line number 3 includes: Nhon and Kim Ma, whichs are the 2-closest routes to Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh. You can easily move to the bus stations in the shortest time thanks to the distance within a radius of only 3km.

Get an overview of apartments for rent in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

The form of investment in buying apartments and then subleasing them is increasingly popular in Hanoi because the demand for high-end apartments by foreigners living and working here also increases over time.

Vinhomes Nguyễn Chí Thanh có tổng cộng 378 căn hộ

Sau đây là một số thông tin chi tiết về căn hộ cho thuê tại Vinhomes Nguyễn Chí Thanh - sở hữu bởi tập đoàn Vingroup nổi tiếng hàng đầu Việt Nam nhờ chất lượng căn hộ và dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng chuyên nghiệp

General introduction about apartments for rent in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

  • Project: Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh
  • Location: 54A - 56 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Investor: Vingroup Corporation
  • Area: 13043m2
  • Construction density: 54.98%
  • Construction floor area of the apartment: 91,686 m2
  • Building height: 117.3 m
  • Type of development: high-class apartment building, commercial center, Grade A office building
  • Type of apartment: 1 - 4 bedrooms
  • Apartment area: 55.3 - 167m2

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh has 2 main towers with 30 floors and 4 basements. In which, the first 7-floors are connected between the two buildings and used as a commercial center, in addition to high-class apartments, a modern office system, a commercial center complex, and Hundreds of other convenient services, providing ideal living space, fully equipped for residents.

The office tower of the project is located right on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, the apartment building is on Chua Lang street. This is the feature that helps Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh become a symbol of a modern and classy lifestyle in Hanoi.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh has 2 main towers: an office tower and an apartment tower

The apartments at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh are not only used for offices but also investment or rental. In particular, the type of sub-leasing serviced apartments from investors is very popular thanks to not having to spend too much budget on buying a house, arranging furniture, or doing cumbersome procedures. In addition, tenants also enjoy full facilities and amenities inside and outside the building.

Floor plan of apartment for rent in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh 


The Vinhomes project is on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, built to target high-class, modern customers who are ready to spend the budget to ensure they receive the best amenities and functions for activities, entertainment, entertainment, shopping. Therefore, the project not only meets the needs of living but also combines many entertainment and relaxation functions such as a swimming pool, gym, spa, school, international hospital, etc.

Besides, with the orientation of becoming a multi-functional population of Vingroup, you can easily enroll your children at Vinmec international school system, receive medical examinations and treatment at Vinmec international hospital, or go to the gym. Swimming and shopping at the system of utilities are integrated right inside the building premises.

Typical floor plan of the 8th floor of Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh apartments for rent

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh owns a variety of apartments

It is no exaggeration to say that Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh is one of the most livable places in Hanoi with a complete and synchronous infrastructure system. The high-class apartments here are arranged with a unique skylight system, helping to take advantage of natural light and fresh air, providing an airy and energetic living space.

Each apartment floor has only 16 apartments with a variety of different areas from 55.3m2 to 167m2, suitable for the living needs of all subjects.

  • Type of small apartment 1 bedroom, area 55.3m2: The apartment is arranged with 1-bedroom, 1-living room, 1-loggia, 1-toilet and 1-kitchen with smartly divided spaces , prioritizing smart furniture to help optimize the living area. This will be the perfect choice for newlyweds or single foreign guests living and working in Hanoi. Rent 750$ ~ 900$/month.
  • Type of 2-bedroom apartment, area 87m2: This apartment has 2-bedrooms, including 1-master room with private bathroom and 1-extra bedroom. The dining room is designed with an open space adjacent to the living room, creating ventilation for the dining area. In addition, the apartment also has a shared toilet outside and a loggia. This type of apartment is usually the choice for young families with parents and 1-2 small children. Rent $1,000 ~ $1,200/month.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh owns a variety of apartments

  • Type of 3-bedroom apartment, area 109m2 - 137 m.2: This apartment is also arranged with 1-master bedroom integrated with its own toilet, 2-additional bedrooms, loggia, 1-shared toilet. The kitchen and living room are integrated adjacently, providing 52.6 square meters of common living space. This will be the choice for families with many members or multiple generations. Rent is $1,300 ~ $1,800/month.
  • Type of 4-bedroom apartment, area 167m2: This apartment is arranged with a common living space including living room, dining room and kitchen integrated together to bring ventilation, can take full advantage of source of light and fresh air from the balcony and loggia facing the skylight. 4 bedrooms are designed in an L shape, helping to get natural light from the windows. This will be the high-end choice for those who are looking for a luxurious and comfortable residence for themselves and their families.

High-class equipment and furniture system in each apartment

In addition to the complete and synchronous utilities outside and inside the Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh campus, the high-class equipment and interior system is also a special highlight of this project.

The toilet includes a glass bathroom, a bathtub, a lavabo, a toilet, etc. are fully equipped with genuine, high-end equipment in the world such as Toto, Inax, etc.

The kitchen is equipped with basic to advanced equipment such as sink, faucet, upper/lower kitchen cabinets made of high-quality natural wood, under-table electric stove, hood from famous electrical brands from European like Hafele, Bosch, Teka, etc.

The kitchen is also divided into two separate wet and dry kitchen areas, providing convenience in the cooking process. The dry kitchen countertop is covered with high-grade white stone, delicate, easy to clean, durable and not yellowed after a period of use.

High-class equipment and furniture system in each apartment

The special feature that makes the modern and classy interior space of Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh apartments is the wall cabinets with high quality materials, smart design, bringing convenience in use and maintenance. Safe place to store unnecessary items or valuables, jewelry.

The bedrooms in the apartments of the project are all equipped with high-class industrial wood floors imported from Europe. After many times of testing and evaluating standards, bringing absolute durability to the floor even after many years of use.

In addition, to ensure high security and safety, the apartments are equipped with a doorbell system that displays images, a door lock system with 3-modern control features, including fingerprint, locked-key with backup engine and code. With this modern doorbell system, you can observe who is standing in front of the door thanks to security cameras to prepare for reception or in case of bad people.

In addition, the ceiling-mounted air-conditioning system, electric lights, optical cables, hot water are also fully installed, providing a modern, ideal and synchronous living space without spending a lot of time or budget to interior design. An extremely sensitive fire alarm sensor system is also installed on the ceiling of the apartment, ensuring absolute fire safety for residents living here.

Ceiling air-conditioning system, electric lights, optical cable, hot water are also fully installed, providing a modern and ideal living space.

Outstanding facilities at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

The reason Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh is known as the most ideal place to live in Hanoi for young families or singles who love modernity, luxury and class is thanks to the focus on comfort and convenience for the family. In addition to a complete, synchronous infrastructure system and smart, modern and high-class furniture arranged in each apartment, the utility chains on the premises are an absolute plus for the entire project.

Vincom Center Shopping Mall

Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh Trade Center is a 6-storey podium of the building with 140 brands of fashion, cosmetics, watches, furniture, food, entertainment, etc. leading in the world. For trendy residents, this collection of specialized retail stores is the ideal choice to experience.

In particular, at Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh - the integrated commercial center system right below the two apartment towers, there is also a CGV cinema with large capacity and outstanding design, branded Gold Class present for the first time. First in Hanoi. This is also a place with a special attraction of trendy young people and especially those who love Saturday art.

Vincom Center Shopping Mall

A special feature that many families living at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh love is the play area for "child residents" - Tiniworld with hundreds of unique amusement models such as Creative Garage, water and sand play area, DIY Cafe, etc. This will be a place for your child to freely explore, create, develop motor skills, brain and especially the ability to communicate and work in groups when playing with many other "child residents".

If you love exploring four-way cuisine or looking for Japanese and Korean restaurants, you can go to the 5th floor of Vincom Center with dozens of food stalls such as Cowboy Jack's, Thai Express, Gogi House, Kichi Kichi, Wrap&Roll, Hotto, etc. In addition, there are also famous beverage brands such as D'art Cffee, T.Coffee - Cafe & Restaurant, etc.

Luxury Lounge

On the 7th floor of the building, a luxurious Lounge is arranged as a place for community activities and there are only 10 apartments instead of 16 apartments like other floors. The lobby lounge of the Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh building is designed to become an elevated green space in the heart of Hanoi with an ecological garden, a modern swimming pool, you can completely choose to be a place to welcome friends, guests in intimate outdoor parties.

Besides, this is also a place where you can exchange culture and lifestyle with other residents living at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh.

Luxury Lounge at 7th floor Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

Other facilities at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

In addition to Vincom commercial center - a place full of entertainment, entertainment, cuisine and luxurious Lounge as a place to relax and welcome friends in cozy outdoor parties, Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh It also gives you many other benefits such as:

  • Advanced camera system, with a professional security team working with a sense of responsibility and concentration, taking turns on duty 24/24, bringing peace of mind and safety when enjoying life here .
  • The outdoor glass roof 4-season swimming pool is on the 7th floor - the building's Lounge, combining a green and luxurious space.
  • The gym is also integrated in the building with a modern exercise machine system, a team of professional customer care and PT staff, to help you solve all problems about your physique, weight in a methodical way, reasonable and safe.
  • The spa system, beauty care aesthetic is located right inside the campus of Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh building, which do not need to spend a lot of time to go far but can still relax and take care of the skin.
  • 5-storey parking area, including 4-basements, 1-floating floor, scale up to 54,000m2 with intelligent management and flow system.