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Frequently asked questions
What should I do to rent a satisfactory apartment in Hanoi?

To find an apartment for rent in Hanoi, you should:

• Find out information about apartments for rent in Hanoi: You can search for information, pictures, and utilities of the apartment on the Internet, in newspapers or ask relatives to introduce to you.

• Contact the apartment owner to see directly: You should ask the apartment owner information such as the exact address, rent, number of rooms in the apartment, etc. to see if it suits your needs or not, to avoid wasting time going to see the room.

• Come to see the apartment for rent in Hanoi: When you come to see the apartment, you need to carefully look at all the rooms, furniture, accompanying services, utilities around the apartment, requirements when renting the apartment owner, etc.

• Sign the contract: It is necessary to read the terms carefully before signing the contract to avoid disputes and disagreements during the rental process.

If you are a foreigner, you need to note a few more points when renting an apartment for rent in Hanoi such as: is there any compatriots living in the area, does the rental unit support necessary documents and procedures when renting an apartment in Hanoi? staying in Hanoi, are they willing to help with problems that foreigners often face due to language barriers,...

In addition, you can use the service to find apartments for rent in Hanoi. Currently, there are many units providing this service, but not all of them are reputable and ready to give their best support to find the right apartment for rent in Hanoi.


Should I rent an apartment or condo through a real estate agency in Hanoi?

Real estate business units are licensed to operate only when they have practice certificates and expertise in this field. Along with that, with experience and a professional operating process, real estate companies that know the rental market information can meet all the needs of customers. Currently, there are real estate companies in Hanoi that specialize in providing services to foreigners. Foreigners should look to these companies for advice on satisfactory apartments for rent and support for development issues when having to start life in a new country as quickly and economically as possible.


With a budget of less than 500USD/month, is it possible to rent an apartment for rent in Tay Ho?

With a budget of less than 500 USD/month, you can fully rent an apartment for rent in Tay Ho with fully furnished and accompanying utility services such as housekeeping service, high-speed wifi, holiday service. Tan, etc. Here are some apartments for rent in Tay Ho with rental prices under 500USD/month for your reference.

  • Apartment 12/58 Tu Hoa (12/58 Tu Hoa, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi) has a rent of 475 USD/month.
  • Pegasy Suites Lakeside apartment (33/399 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi) has a rental price of 350USD/month.
  • Optimus apartment (33/31 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi) has a rental price of 350USD/month.
  • Rad Apartment & Hotel (141 Yen Phu Street, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi) has a rental price of 236USD/month.
When using Property Plus's apartment rental service in Ba Dinh, do I have to pay a deposit? Is this amount refundable?

This is one of the many questions that foreigners when looking to rent an apartment in Vietnam. The deposit for an apartment will normally be calculated as once or twice months rent and does not include other service fees. This deposit acts as a kind of security and will be refunded to you after the apartment lease contract expires or as agreed between the two parties. These are the terms and policies set out based on the provisions of current Vietnamese law. However, you can be completely assured when using our apartment rental service in Ba Dinh, because Property Plus always puts the interests of customers first.

What documents and procedures do foreigners need when using the Hanoi luxury apartment rental service?

When you are a foreigner, when renting a luxury apartment in Hanoi, Property Plus will support and advise you to prepare some necessary documents and procedures as follows:

  • Apartment rental contract.

  • My passport is still valid.

  • Your legal temporary residence permit issued in Vietnam is valid for 3 months or more.

Based on these documents, Property Plus will help you make a declaration of temporary residence for foreigners in Vietnam. At the same time, assist you to complete legal procedures and documents.

Should foreigners come to work, should rent a Hanoi serviced apartment in Hanoi?

Foreign guests coming to Hanoi on business will usually stay for a few months, they need fully furnished accommodation, located near the workplace and with many amenities around. Hanoi serviced apartments in Hanoi usually do not have too tight constraints on the rental period, guests can sign a contract for a few months and deposit a rent of about 1 to 2 months. Hanoi serviced apartments will also have staff to clean regularly, with management, 24/7 reception.

High-class Hanoi serviced apartments will have laundry service, breakfast, high-speed Internet, etc. Not to mention, Hanoi serviced apartments in Hanoi are often located near the center and major roads for easy access. moving, there are restaurants, gyms, amusement parks around, etc. Therefore, Hanoi serviced apartments will be the optimal choice for foreign guests.

What amenities are included in the Fraser Suites apartment?

Fraser Suites rental apartments will be fully furnished, ensuring to bring tenants a comfortable and convenient life like at home.

  • Internet access and high-speed wifi.
  • Air-conditioner. Fridge.
  • King or Queen size bed.
  • Private safe in the room.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Irons.
  • Slippers in the bedroom.
  • Shower and bathtub in the bathroom.
  • Kitchen with full kitchen utensils and appliances.
  • Washing machine/dryer.
  • TV LCD.
  • High-class tables and chairs.
How far is it from Noi Bai International Airport to Indochina Plaza Hanoi?

Noi Bai International Airport is about 22km south of Indochina Plaza Hanoi. If traveling by car, it will take you about 30 minutes to get there.

Is there parking in the Indochina Plaza Hanoi apartment complex?

At the Indochina Plaza Hanoi apartment building, there are 02 basements throughout the building for cars and 01 mezzanine floor for motorbikes with a security guard. The capacity of the tunnels is up to 100 cars and 1,600 motorbikes.

Is front desk service at Fraser Suites apartment available 24/7?
The front desk serves tenants 24/7, and the staff here can communicate in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. So, if you have any questions or problems, you can contact the front desk at any time.
Why should you rent a Hanoi serviced apartment in Hanoi from Property Plus?
Foreign guests when renting a Hanoi serviced apartment in Hanoi may face many difficulties in finding and renting a suitable room, registering the necessary documents to be able to stay in Vietnam. Therefore, foreign guests should go through Hanoi serviced apartment rental companies in Hanoi to be introduced and advised on the most suitable apartments, support registration of residence documents, help save time for searching. Established in 2011, Property Plus is currently managing and leasing a variety of high-class Hanoi serviced apartments in all 12 districts of Hanoi, designed in the style of many Asian and European countries, ready to meet all the rental needs of foreign guests. In order to facilitate foreign guests to view information and contact quickly and conveniently, Property Plus regularly updates all information, images, and utilities of the apartment on Property Plus' website, pages with options to choose from. select the display interface English - Japanese - Vietnamese. Property Plus's Hanoi serviced apartments in Hanoi are high-class apartments, fully furnished, foreign guests just need to stay in, without having to buy more furniture. In addition, each building will have accompanying services such as housekeeping, building management, television, Internet, etc. High-class Hanoi serviced apartments bring a modern, comfortable space, creating comfort for tenants. If you need to rent a Hanoi serviced apartment in Hanoi, please contact the Property Plus hotline for advice and find the most suitable and fastest apartment for rent!
How is the experience of going to see the apartment for rent?

Here are some valuable experiences that you can refer to when viewing the rental apartment before deciding to sign the contract.

● Consider the direction of the apartment as well as the system of windows, doors, entrances, emergency exits, ensuring the entire space is always airy and filled with natural light.

● Check the apartment's electrical and water systems to make sure they work properly during your stay in Vietnam.

● Look around the apartment is full of facilities such as restaurants, commercial centers, especially near the company where you work or not?

● Can you check whether the surroundings of the apartment are quiet, fresh or bustling, noisy or not? If you are a lover of silence, you should not ignore this factor.

● Another important factor that you need to consider is the similarity in occupation and culture of people living in the apartment building. If you meet your countrymen or people who share the same language as you in Vietnam, it's really interesting, isn't it?

Hanoi Pan Pacific luxury apartment for rent provided by Property Plus Although there are quite a few factors to consider before deciding to use the Hanoi luxury apartment rental service. But if you use Property Plus' Hanoi luxury apartment rental service, you won't need to worry too much about the above factors. Because we have over 10 years of experience in providing professional apartment rental services. At the same time, it owns a dedicated customer service team with a deep understanding of the culture and personality of foreigners. From there, it is easy to help you find a great place to stay, suitable for all criteria during your travel or work in Vietnam. Call Property Plus or visit our website and check out thousands of luxury apartments for rent in Hanoi right now! Hanoi luxury apartment rental service provided by Property Plus is constantly innovating, looking for more luxury apartments, more utilities, amenities, and luxury for you. We are proud to have served thousands of customers who are Japanese in particular and countries around the world in general. At the same time, always receive high appreciation from customers during and after the end of the cooperation program in Vietnam. Come to Property Plus for advice and the earliest booking to get the best price today!

How can I move to the desired places in the Ba Dinh district and neighboring districts in Hanoi?
Currently, Ba Dinh district in particular and Hanoi, in general, are very focused on developing the transport system and infrastructure. Therefore, customers using the apartment rental service in Ba Dinh are always easy to find means of transportation such as public buses, taxis, motorbike taxis. The front desk at the apartment building can also assist you with booking and finding a vehicle.
If there is a problem in the process of renting an apartment for rent in Tay Ho, how to handle it?
If you have trouble in the process of renting an apartment for rent in Tay Ho managed by Property Plus, such as damaged electricity, water, wifi, equipment in the room, etc., you can contact us at hotline or notify us through the Property Plus app. We will receive and respond to the solution in just 2 hours and send staff to check and fix the problem for you (if necessary). Foreign guests wishing to rent apartments for rent in Tay Ho, please contact the Property Plus hotline number! Property Plus is ready to serve you 24/7.
How much does it cost to rent an apartment through a real estate agency in Hanoi?

Foreign guests when renting an apartment of Property Plus only need to pay the monthly rental cost. This fee includes the room and accompanying services of the apartment.

In case guests want to use more services not included in the apartment, please contact Property Plus for advice and provide the fastest and most professional service!

Why should you choose a reputable apartment rental unit in Hanoi?

In Hanoi, there are many places to rent apartments with different prices and utility services. You need to consider and research the apartment carefully before renting. In addition, not all landlords have good foreign language communication skills, support in making residency documents for foreigners. This will be a barrier when renting apartments in Hanoi for foreigners.

Don't worry, contact Property Plus right away - a consulting and management unit for apartments for rent in Hanoi! Along with in-depth cultural understanding of many countries, personalized service for each customer, Property Plus staffs are able to communicate fluently in English - Japanese - Vietnamese, ready to receive needs 24/7 and consult for foreign customers.

In particular, Property Plus applies virtual reality technology Matterport, allowing you to move around in the apartment just through the computer screen, iPad or phone. In addition, our website (https://propertyplus.com.vn) gathers a variety of apartment types with full information, you will easily find an apartment for rent in Hanoi that is suitable for your needs.

What are the costs when renting an apartment or serviced apartment in Hanoi?

When renting apartments in Hanoi, you will have to pay the following basic fees (depending on the rental unit, there will be different fees).

• Monthly apartment rental fee.

• Apartment/building management fee.

• Monthly service fee (housekeeping, laundry, catering, etc.).

• Parking fee (motorcycle, car, and so on), maintenance fee, etc.

• Monthly electricity and water charges.

If you have trouble finding apartments for rent in Hanoi, do not hesitate to contact Property Plus' hotline 08 5666 2566! Property Plus is ready to serve you 24/7.


What are the monthly payments and fees when using the apartment rental service in Ba Dinh?
When using the apartment rental service in Ba Dinh, you will have to pay a monthly rent: the fee of the apartment and the associated services of the building (wet cleaning service), laundry, television, Internet, wifi, etc.). In addition, you will have to pay extra fees when using services that are not included in the building, management fees, electricity, and water. Property Plus rents apartments in Ba Dinh with a price commensurate with the service you receive Hopefully, the information about the apartment rental service in Ba Dinh of Property Plus in the above article has made it easier for you to choose accommodation options in Vietnam. Immediately contact Property Plus via hotline for advice, quotation and earliest booking!
Are there any international hospitals or clinics near Fraser Suites?
Near Fraser Suites apartment there are Raffles Medical International Clinic and Westcoast International Dental Clinic.
Is the security at Indochina Plaza Hanoi apartment building guaranteed?

You can rest assured about this issue. At Indochina Plaza Hanoi, there are always security guards inside and outside the apartment complex, with a 24/7 CCTV surveillance camera system. Therefore, all security-related issues will always be resolved quickly, ensuring your safety while living here.

Are there any supermarkets near Fraser Suites?
If you have a need to buy food, or consumables,... you can go to Syrena Shopping Center right on the first floor of the building or supermarkets around the building such as Tomibun Japan supermarket, Yuki's Fresh Fruits And Vegetables supermarket, AM Store supermarket,...
How is the kitchen in the Fraser suite?
If you are a person who loves to cook, you will definitely love Fraser Suites because there is Syrena Shopping Center right on the first floor to help you conveniently shop for fresh and delicious food. The kitchen is fully equipped with kitchen appliances such as a microwave oven, oven, kitchen shelf, refrigerator, smoke consumer, table, and dining chair,... In particular, cooking by the gas stove is also allowed here.
What are the opening times of the utilities inside the building?

- Gym: Open 24/7.

- Steam room and sauna: Open from 06:00 to 22:00.

- Swimming pool: Can be used from 06:00 to 20:00.

- Restaurant: Open from 06:00 to 22:00.

- Children's play area: Open from 06:00 to 19:00.

Is smoking allowed at Fraser Suites building?

If you intend to smoke in the common area of ​​the building, stop it now! Fraser Suites has a 100% smoke-free policy, meaning you won't be allowed to smoke in any part of the building. If required, you can use the smoking room.