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Dong Da is a district in the center of Hanoi capital. This is a district with a high population density and many key roads. Accordingly, apartment projects for rent in Dong Da have been developed more and more, meeting the accommodation needs for local people as well as foreigners when coming to Hanoi for work.

  1. Sky City Towers Apartment

The project of commercial center - office - apartment for rent in Dong Da Sky City includes 02 buildings with 31 floors and 03 basements. The apartment is invested by HANOTEX Co., Ltd.

Overview of the Sky City Towers project

Sky City Towers apartment building is located at 88 Lang Ha, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District. The total construction land area of ​​the project is 8,760m2. With a scale of 02 buildings with 31 floors. In which, the office area located from the 1st to the 10th floor of building A, from the 12th to the 31st floor of tower A and from the 4th to the 31st floor of building B are apartments for rent, the rest are the floors with convenient services.

Office building - apartment for rent in Dong Da Sky City Towers

Thanks to its location right in front of Lang Ha and Lang Streets, near the intersection with Le Van Luong Street, Sky City Towers inherits many advantages such as:

  • Convenient transportation, easy to move to many places in the city, rarely traffic jams.
  • There is a view overlooking Lang Ha Street or clear Lang Street.
  • Concentrating many office buildings for lease (Vinaconex Tower, Geleximco Building, UDIC, ICON4 Tower...) to facilitate transactions and business cooperation.

Outstanding internal facilities at Sky City Towers

At Sky City Towers, a series of modern internal utilities are integrated for tenants, including:

  • Children's play area on the premises, open to residents free of charge, tenants can bring their children here to play and exercise.

Children's play area at Sky City Towers

  • The community room is located on the 5th floor of building B, open for service from 08:00 to 20:00. This is a living space exclusively for residents of Sky City Towers, used for events, movie screenings, dance floor, dance practice...
  • California Fitness & Yoga gym is located on M floor, 3rd floor and 04th floor of building B. The space of the gym is very spacious with 05 yoga rooms, Aerobic gym, water bar, swimming pool, spa center, sauna room, ... bring a comfortable space to exercise and relax for tenants.

California Fitness & Yoga Gym

  • On the 1st floor of building A, there is a transaction office of Maritime Bank and some other banks, meeting the financial transaction needs of residents. On this floor, there is also a Morgan Mart supermarket, which provides a full range of essential items such as food, beverage, household appliances, cultural products...
  • The 1st floor of building B is used to place restaurants and cafes such as Chez Mai restaurant, Y - Not Restaurant, Red Coffee, ... with diverse culinary styles, from Vietnamese to Asia - Europe.

Chez Mai restaurant has a capacity of about 200 seats, open for service from 07:00 to 22:00

  • There are 03 basements used for parking with a capacity of 500 cars and 1500 motorbikes, meeting the needs of tenants, as well as employees working in the office building, and customers and partners.
  • The system of 03 high-speed elevators of Mitsubishi company, helping residents to move up and down the floors of the building quickly and conveniently.

High-speed elevator system

  • Professional security and protection system, operating 24/7, ensuring the safety of tenants when living at Sky City Towers.
  • There is also an automatic fire protection system, a backup generator to meet 100% of the electricity demand of the equipment inside the building, a large-capacity central air conditioning system...

Luxury and modern apartment design

Serviced apartments at Sky City Towers are located from the 12th to the 31st floor of building A and from the 4th to the 31st floor of building B. The project offers 456 luxury apartments for rent, with designs from 02 to 03 bedrooms, meeting the needs of tenants, both single guests, young couples, small families or three-generation families.

Design of 02-bedroom apartment in Sky City Towers

Each apartment has a luxurious and modern design, helping to optimize the area of ​​the rooms. Thanks to the system of glass doors, large and airy balconies, the apartments become bright and airy, helping to save energy by taking advantage of natural light and air sources.

The living room connects to the dining room, with natural oak flooring

The bedroom has large glass doors, bringing light and fresh air into the room

Rental price of Sky City Towers apartments

The price of these apartments for rent in Dong Da is considered reasonable, not too high:

  • 02-bedroom apartment: With an area from 101 to 112m2, the rental price is about $1,300 - $1,500/month.
  • 03-bedroom apartment: With an area from 144 to 172m2, the rental price is about $1,700 - $1,900/month.

>>> See more information and book a Sky City Towers apartment for rent here.

  1. Apartment for rent in Dong Da - Dream Residence

Dream Residence offers apartments for rent in Dong Da with green space, many amenities, giving tenants a relaxing and fresh getaway right in the heart of Hanoi.

Overview of the Dream Residence apartment building

Dream Residence apartment building has 10 floors, located at 64 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da district, Hanoi. This location is located in the heart of the district, next to the intersection of O Cho Dua - Xa Dan - Nguyen Luong Bang.

Perspective of the serviced apartment building Dream Residence

The building is designed like a "green oasis" in the heart of the capital. Because, the design unit has placed a lot of potted plants and gardens in every corner of Dream Residence. Especially on the rooftop of the building is an airy and green garden.

Dream Residence will be a relaxing and fresh "resort" for tenants after a long day of work

Utilities inside the Dream Residence building

Dream Residence is one of the rare luxury apartment complexes in Dong Da district that integrates many utilities inside the building:

  • The entire 03rd floor of Dream Residence is used as a dining and entertainment area for tenants. There is Café 64 - a Vietnamese restaurant and cafe designed in the style of a Western bar, serving traditional Hanoi dishes, delicious Asian-European dishes or cocktails, and wines that awaken all the senses of gourmets. The restaurant is only open for service in the morning, from 06:30 to 09:30 on weekdays. Particularly on weekends, the restaurant is open from 06:30 to 10:00.

Café 64 on the 3rd floor of the building

  • The gym is equipped with modern equipment with a view of the rooftop garden and the city, helping tenants have an extremely relaxing and green exercise space. There are also fitness experts with high expertise, ready to support tenants in the process of training and improving their health and physique.


  • Green garden at the top floor of the building is the place that tenants can come with friends and relatives to relax, cool off and chat.
  • Dream Mart convenience store in front of the building, selling essential products such as food, household appliances, fresh vegetables, meat, fish...
  • The building also has a spacious basement parking, free for apartment tenants.

Design of apartments for rent in Dong Da - Dream Residence

The Dream Residence building has a design of 10 floors, providing 70 high-class serviced apartments with two types of studio apartments and 01-bedroom apartments. Although the apartments have an area of ​​​​only from 50 to 70m2, the design is extremely youthful, airy and fully equipped.

The apartments have a spacious design, combined with maximum green space, providing a fresh and relaxing living space.

Each Dream Residence apartment is fully furnished such as TV, refrigerator, stove, microwave, shower, bathtub. This will be the ideal apartment for single tenants or young couples who want a quiet, relaxing living space with full amenities.

Living room is equipped with 58inch TV, TV shelf, table, sofa...