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What is an apartment for rent?

An apartment is a place to live for individuals, groups of people or families, with all basic rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. Not individually located on a single piece of land like a house, each apartment will be arranged in a self-contained high-rise building with aisles, stairs, elevators, and a system of shared infrastructure.

The rental apartments may have furniture (beds, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc.) or not, depend on the preferences and needs of the tenants.


The apartment is arranged in a self-contained high-rise building

Today, quite a few units invest in Hanoi apartment rental service to earn profit from monthly rental fees, apartments for rent in Hanoi are increasing, meeting the diverse rental needs of individuals and family.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartment is a type of room for rent, simply understood as a combination between an ordinary apartment and the accompanying services of the hotel. Therefore, serviced apartments will have full functional rooms such as apartments (bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.), furniture and comfortable equipment (table, chairs, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, beds, etc.) and hotel services (housekeeping, laundry,...).

Hanoi apartment for rent with full facilities

Serviced apartments are invested mainly in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, etc. Customers who need to rent serviced apartments are mainly:

• People who are traveling on work: Serviced apartments will be the optimal choice for long-term business trips. They will be served attentively, with privacy and comfort.

• People who are busy with work: If they are too busy and do not have time to clean the house regularly, they may rent a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments have housekeeping services to keep the room neat and clean.

• Employees of large companies, multinational corporations: The main target group will be management staff, experts, business people, foreign employees, etc., all expenses and accommodation fee be paid by the company.

• Foreigners working in Vietnam: This customer segment is mainly the high-end segment, they have the ability to pay large amounts of money to receive utilities in return. Serviced apartments will fit this need.

Services for Hanoi apartment for rent by Property Plus

Property Plus is a reputable consulting and managing unit for apartments for rent in Hanoi with a wide and diverse network of apartments of various types (villas, apartments, serviced apartments, etc.) to meet your needs. With an understanding of the culture of each country, personalized service to each customer, Property Plus is committed to making you satisfied with 5-star service.

Management Service

In order to bring the best service experiences, Property Plus always focuses on building and optimizing management services, ready to serve customers from many different countries.

• Customer care: Any problems you encounter during the apartment rental process are handled by Property Plus quickly and satisfactorily.

• Carrying out administrative procedures: Property Plus will represent and work with the local authorities on documents and procedures for foreigners while staying in Hanoi.

• Support for apartment cost management: Ensure timely payment of bills, clearly report expenses to related parties.

When using Property Plus's management services, you will be served professionally and wholeheartedly.

• 24/7 professional service: 24/7 hotline system, the switchboard staff are able to communicate fluently in English, Japanese and Vietnamese.

• Interact and flexibly coordinate specialized departments through the Property Plus app (Android and iOS) to handle customer issues in the most optimal way.

• Quick response: Property Plus receives and responds for the solution just in 2 hours.

• Receive customer reviews: Property Plus always tries to improve the service based on the reviews of customers.

Housekeeping service

When using Property Plus's housekeeping service, your rental apartment in Hanoi will always be clean and tidy.

Property Plus's 5-star housekeeping service process:

• Laundry, irony: Clothes are carefully checked and sorted by staff before being washed. Property Plus will use the washing machine to clean the clothes.

• Garbage collection: Staff will collect and process garbage and discarded items (with your permission).

• Clean the bedroom: Clean, change bed sheets regularly.

• Clean the bathroom: Organize items in the bathroom, clean and disinfect tools, toilets, washbasins,...

• Clean the kitchen: Clean the kitchen area, wash the dishes.

• Vacuum: Vacuum and clean surfaces in rooms, floors and balconies.

Clean and tidy apartment for rent in Hanoi is

Property Plus commits after cleaning the room:

• Your apartment will be clean, tidy, the equipment works well.

• Keep your information secure.

• Notify all arising of the apartment to you.

Technical service - maintenance

Before the rental apartment in Hanoi is handed over to the customer, Property Plus's technical staff will check and maintain the equipment and items in the apartment to ensure everything is in its best.

Besides, Property Plus will also periodically maintain the equipment. The specific maintenance cycle is as follows:

• TV, washing machine, fan, water system, ventilation fan: Periodic maintenance every 3 months.

• Air conditioner: Periodic maintenance every 4 months.

• Carpets, sofas, tables and chairs, silicone systems in the kitchen and bathroom: Clean every 6 months.

• Walls, curtains, doors, clocks, control devices, cabinets, safes: Periodic maintenance every 12 months.

During use, if the equipment of the apartment for rent in Hanoi is damaged or there is a problem, you can contact the hotline or notify via the Property Plus app, the technical staff will quickly respond and be at the apartment to check and fix as soon as possible.

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