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Vinhomes Riverside is a luxury villa and apartment complex located northeast of Hanoi. The project is inspired by the model of "Venice Italia - riverside city" with villas and apartment buildings connected through a system of rivers and lakes stretching along the urban area, creating a high-class living space, and harmony between nature and people.


Vinhomes Riverside urban area

Detailed information about Vinhomes Riverside urban area

Location of Vinhomes Riverside urban area

Vinhomes Riverside luxury urban area has a very large area, spreading over 04 wards of Long Bien district, including Viet Hung ward, Phuc Loi ward, Phuc Dong ward and Sai Dong ward. This is a "super prime" location of the northeast area of the capital, located close to Vinh Tuy bridge, about 10km from the city center, easily connected to key locations of the capital through the transportation system. Road traffic, elevated highway in the surrounding area.


Panorama of Vinhomes Riverside urban area from above

There are some major roads surrounding the urban area such as Doan Khue, Ngo Gia Tu, Chu Huy Man, Nguyen Van Linh, Ring 2, Hanoi - Bac Giang expressway, etc., which is easy to move inside the city.

Overview of the Vinhomes Riverside project

Vinhomes Riverside project is divided into 3 phases. That is:

  • Phase 1 - Vinhomes Riverside villas (built-in 2011 - 2012): The villa area is spread over 2 wards, Viet Hung and Phuc Loi with an area of ​​up to 183.5ha. There are about 1500 low-rise houses here, divided into 5 zones: Bang Lang villa area, Hoa Phuong villa area, Hoa Lan villa area, Hoa Sua villa area, and Anh Dao villa area. Vinhomes Riverside has only 2-types of villas: single and duplex, each with an area from 160 to 1000m2.

Vinhomes Riverside villa area phase 1

  • Phase 2 - Vinhomes - the Harmony villa (built-in 2016 - 2017): Covering an area of 97.5ha, in the territory of 02 wards, Phuc Dong and Sai Dong. The Villa area is divided into 04 areas: Phong Lan villa area, Huong Duong villa area, Nguyet Que villa area, and Tulip villa area. The types of villas in this area are more diverse than those of phase 1, including single-family villas, duplexes, townhouses, and shophouses. The area of each villa is about 90 - 500m2.

Vinhomes The Harmony villa area

  • Phase 3 - Vinhomes Symphony luxury apartment complex (built-in 2019 - 2020): Unlike Vinhomes Riverside phases 1 and 2 are villas, Vinhomes Symphony is a commercial service shop, office, and Apartment for rent in Long Bien, with an area of 4.3ha, including 7-buildings from 09 to 15 floors (01 office building and 06 apartment buildings) with more than 1500 luxury apartments.

Vinhomes Symphony luxury apartment complex

Nearby amenities

Thanks to its convenient location and developed traffic, it is easier to move from villas and apartments for rent in Long Bien - Vinhomes Riverside to many locations in the city and neighboring provinces. Like:

  • Viet Hung urban area: 2.6km (about 6 minutes drive).
  • Vinhomes Times City urban area: 8.6km (about 17 minutes drive).
  • Hanoi Old Quarter: 10km (about 25 minutes by car).
  • Noi Bai Airport: 29km away (about 40 minutes by car).
  • Bac Ninh City: 25km away (about 30 minutes by car).
  • Hai Duong City: 50km away (about 60 minutes by car).

In addition, around the urban area, there are also many facilities, which can be mentioned as:

  • Shopping locations: T Mart convenience supermarket, CitiMart mini supermarket, Big C Long Bien, Aeon Mall Long Bien, Phuc Dong market, Bo De market, Kim Quan market, etc.
  • Hospitals: Duc Giang General Hospital, Railway Hospital, Gia Lam District General Hospital, International General Clinic - Hong Ngoc Hospital, etc.
  • Amusement parks: Playtime Savico Hanoi, Happy Star apartment amusement park, Erahouse science park, tiNiWorld Aeon, Long Bien golf course, etc.


Outstanding local amenities

Green natural landscape

To build a model ecological urban area with lots of green space, the investor Vingroup Group has spent of the ground area of Vinhomes Riverside on building transportation systems, parks, gardens, flowers, gardens, lakes, and rivers.


Vinhomes Riverside is planned according to the model of an ecological urban area with many green spaces.

Jurassic Dinosaur Park is on Hoa Phuong Street

Jurassic Dinosaur Park has an area of ​​about 10,000m2. This is a prominent entertainment place in Vinhomes Riverside urban area that is loved by many children. Inside the park, there are many dinosaur statues made of wax with a variety of species such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Dimorphodon flying dinosaur, Pteranodon thunder lizard, etc.


Jurassic Dinosaur Park has a large scale, displaying many dinosaur wax figures, giving visitors the feeling of being lost in the ancient world of the Jurassic period.

In addition, in the park, there are swings, slides, and observatories, etc. to help children have moments of entertainment, and delight in movement.


Vincom Plaza in Chu Huy Man ward

Vincom Plaza has a scale of up to 45,000m2, and is a high-class commercial center, converging a series of high-class facilities. This is considered an ideal shopping, entertainment, and entertainment place for residents in Vinhomes Riverside, as well as the people of the capita


Vincom Plaza Shopping Center

  • Vinmart supermarket has thousands of high-end products, produced domestically and imported from abroad. The categories of this supermarket include food, cosmetics, home appliances, electronics, and fashion. All products sold at Vinmart are guaranteed of origin, origin, hygiene, and safety, fully meeting the essential shopping needs of Vinhomes Riverside residents.

Vinmart supermarket is on the first floor of the shopping center

  • Outlet Center on the 2nd floor of Vincom Plaza, with an area of ​​about 3,000m2. There are more than 30 booths of famous domestic and international brands such as Levis, Jeep, Vinatex, and Hanosimex, etc.
  • The furniture supermarket is on the 3rd floor of the commercial center. It sells modern and high-class furniture that meets the shopping needs of the family.
  • World Games & The Little Gym: This is a place dedicated to children to exercise their physical, intellectual, and creative abilities, helping them to promote their hidden qualities, and improve their health and well-being. holistic development both physically and intellectually.

World Games & The Little Gym on the 4th floor of the mall

  • More than 20 food and coffee stalls are located on the 1st and 5th floors of the commercial center, with an area of 3,400m2, specializing in serving parties, office meals, fast food, coffee, drinks, cakes, cream, etc.
  • Platinum Cineplex Cinema is on the 5th floor, including 07 cinema rooms with more than 1,300 seats. This is one of the cinemas with the most modern and quality facilities in Vietnam.

Platinum Cineplex Cinema on the 5th floor of Vincom Plaza

  • The 5-star spa area Vinhomes Health Club is also on the 5th floor. It is fully equipped with modern spa equipment, has professional health care treatments with many convenient services such as massage, sauna, treatment, etc.

Almaz International Convention and Culinary Center is on Orchid Street

Almaz International Convention and Culinary Center is a conference, food and entertainment complex in the top of the top event centers chosen by businesses and government agencies. The center is on Hoa Lan Street, in the Vinhomes Riverside villa area phase 1.

Almaz International Conference and Culinary Center

There are 06 high-class restaurants here (Vietnamese restaurant Huong Vi Xua, Chinese restaurant Tunglok Heen, Italian restaurant Topaz, restaurant u Ruby, Japanese restaurant Kimono Elegance, Thai restaurant Bow Thai), the area Almaz Market and Convention Center.


BIS British Multi-level International School is on Hoa Lan Street

British Multi-Level International School is one of the international schools with quality education, as well as the most modern facilities in Hanoi. The school offers four levels of education: preschool, primary school, junior high school, and high school.


British Multi-Level International School BIS

VinSchool The Harmony Kindergarten

At Vinhomes The Harmony, there are 02 Vinschool Kindergartens, VinSchool. The Harmony 1 Kindergarten (located on Nguyet Que Street) and VinSchool The Harmony 2 Kindergarten (located on Chu Huy Man Street). These are international schools with a US IPC education programs. Classroom teachers are native teachers, helping children have a formal English foundation from a young age.


VinSchool The Harmony 2 Kindergarten

The school's campus is also very beautiful, with many playgrounds for children. The classroom system is modernly invested, providing a good learning space for the children. 

Other facilities

  • Vinmec International General Hospital provides professional medical services, meeting the needs of medical examination, treatment, and health care for residents in urban areas. 
  • A system of modern sports areas such as 2 football fields, 6 tennis courts, 2 outdoor swimming pools, and a 20-lane golf course are places where you can go to practice sports and entertainment.
  • The 10,000 square meter BBQ garden is an ideal place to organize family and friends gatherings, and enjoy grilled dishes and delicious seafood. 

Design of villas and apartments for rent in Long Bien at Vinhomes Riverside 

Thanks to the luxurious neoclassical design, bold colors of nature, and a combination of modern public utilities, Vinhomes Riverside became one of the first urban areas in Vietnam with a level comparable to modern urban areas in the world.