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Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Skylake Vinhomes is a place that many domestic and foreign experts and managers choose to rent when living in Hanoi. Here, there are not only apartments with a modern and airy design, with balconies and large windows, but also integrate many high-class utilities. Thereby giving residents a comfortable and classy living space.

Location of apartment for rent in Vinhomes Skylake

Vinhomes Skylake is located at Lot E1.3 Pham Hung, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. This location is right at the intersection of Pham Hung - Duong Dinh Nghe - Me Tri. This is a place that is considered as a "golden coordinate" in the western area of ​​​​the capital, next to the new administrative, educational and medical center is the new urban area of ​​My Dinh.

  • Moving north about 1.3km is My Dinh Bus Station.
  • The Northeast borders with Cau Giay Park - the greenest, cleanest and one of the most beautiful parks in the city.
  • Moving to the Southeast is the Nhan Hoa - Trung Chinh urban area, where a lot of people gather in the Korean community in Hanoi.
  • To the south is the intersection of Pham Hung - Duong Dinh Nghe - Me Tri.
  • The Northwest is My Dinh - the "golden urban area".

Vinhomes Skylake has a prime location in the western area of ​​the city

Because the location of the apartment for rent in Vinhomes Skylake is located right on the arterial road of Pham Hung, the move to the administrative, educational, medical... of the city also becomes convenient and easy.

  • 1.3km from My Dinh Bus Station.
  • 2.2km from Cau Giay Park.
  • 2.5km from My Dinh National Stadium.
  • 6.5km from West Lake.
  • 8.6km from Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • 28km from Noi Bai International Airport.

Get an overview of apartments for rent at Vinhomes Skylake

Vinhomes Skylake is a complex of offices, high-class apartments and commercial centers with top quality of Hanoi Capital.

Overview of Vinhomes Skylake project

  • Project: Vinhomes Skylake (also known as Vinhomes Pham Hung).
  • Investor: Central Park Development Limited Liability Company.
  • Distribution - operation unit: Vingroup.
  • Total construction area: 2.3ha.
  • Scale: Including 03 buildings S1, S2, S3 with a total of 1856 apartments.

Overview of Vinhomes Skylake project

Floor plan of apartments for rent in Vinhomes Skylake of each building

  • Building S1: Building S1 is located on the side of Pham Hung Street, with 03 sides facing the lake, city view and 01 side facing the central utility area. The building has 36 floors and 03 basements for parking. In which, from the 1st to the 2nd floor is a commercial center and shop office, the 3rd floor is a commercial center, from the 4th to the 36th floor are 396 luxury apartments.

Typical floor plan of building S1 

  • Building S2: Building S2 has 41 floors and 03 basements for parking, also located on Pham Hung Street side, sharing the same podium with building S1. The scale of the building includes 730 apartments (from the 4th floor to the 39th floor are 715 apartments, from the 40th floor to the 41st floor are 10 Penthouses and 05 Sky villas).

Typical floor plan of building S2

  • Building S3: Building S3 has 41 floors, located inside the project's interior. The scale of the building is similar to the building S2, including 730 apartments (from the 4th floor to the 39th floor are apartments, from the 40th floor to the 41st floor are Penthouses and Sky villas).

Typical floor plan of building S3

Outstanding facilities at Vinhomes Skylake

In addition to apartments with modern design, meeting 05-star standards, fresh and green living space, Vinhomes Skylake apartments are also integrated with many facilities inside and outside the premises. This helps residents feel extremely comfortable and convenient when living here.

External facilities

  • Shopping Centers: The Garden Trade Center, Vincom Mega Mall Smart City, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung, Big C Thang Long, Aeon Citimart...
  • School: Marie Curie School, UniDesign International Training Institute, Korean International School in Hanoi...

Marie Curie School is a school with many levels of education, training from elementary to high school

  • Hospitals and clinics: Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh Hospital, Traditional Medicine Hospital of the Ministry of Public Security, Dolife International Hospital, Oze International Dental Clinic...
  • Restaurants: Korean restaurant Cha Kum Sang, Gojumong Luxury, Korea Seoul Garden, Jang O Lang, Baekje Galbi, Kim & Jang Jumak, Jokbal...

A series of Korean restaurants are located around the Vinhomes Skylake apartment complex

  • Office areas: Duy Tan Street, KeangNam, Indochina Plaza, the State Audit Office of Vietnam, the Supreme People's Procuracy of Vietnam...
  • Administrative agencies: Ministry of Home Affairs, Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People's Committee of My Dinh 2 Ward, ...

Internal facilities

It can be said that Vinhomes is always a brand of outstanding quality, projects are always integrated with many internal utilities, giving residents a perfect and extremely comfortable life.

  • Children's playground: This is a place where tenants can bring their children to exercise and have fun with games such as slides, seesaws...

Outdoor children’s playground

  • Vinschool Kindergarten is a school system with international-standard educational quality, scientific teaching methods, and modern facilities. Tenants are completely assured of the educational environment and the development of their children while studying here.

Vinschool Kindergarten

  • Relaxing, sports practice areas: At Vinhomes Skylake, there are many relaxing, sports practice areas, meeting the entertainment needs of all generations and all ages. These can be mentioned as tennis courts, basketball courts, gyms, parks, chess gardens, BBQ gardens...


  • Vinmec Hospital with a team of experienced and highly specialized doctors, modern facilities, equipped with high quality medical equipment, meets the health care needs of residents while living at an apartment for rent in Vinhomes Skylake.

Vinmec Hospital

  • Vincom Plaza Skylake commercial center has an area of ​​​​13,000m2 with 03 floating floors, located at the podium of 02 buildings S1 and S2. Here gathers more than 70 famous brands at home and abroad such as Jolan - Milan, Camelo, Aroma, Casio, Galle Watch, PNJ, SJC, An Phuoc... In addition, on the premises of the commercial center, there are also Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese restaurants, Highlands cafe, Gold Game amusement park, CGV cinema...

Vincom Plaza Skylake Commercial Center

  • Vinmart supermarket is an extremely convenient place to shop for daily consumer goods for residents.
  • Skypool overflow swimming pool on the 4th floor, connecting 02 buildings S1 and S2 with an impressive waterfall design, surrounded by modern transparent glass, helping swimmers to both relax and enjoy the view. The green view of the large air-conditioned lake park.

Skypool swimming pool 

  • In addition, there is an indoor four-season swimming pool at building S3.
  • The bar and the cafe are arranged in a unique outdoor space. Tenants can come here to relax, have a cup of coffee in the morning, and enjoy the green space of the lake.

Outdoor bar and cafe

  • An outstanding utility only at Vinhomes Skylake is the floating stage in the middle of the lake. This is a place to organize music programs, special shows, events... creating a high-class entertainment space for tenants.