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Top 7 areas with expat community in Ba Dinh district


Ba Dinh is one of the central districts of Hanoi, with many administrative offices, embassies, and high-end entertainment and relaxation facilities. As a result, there are quite a few expat community in Ba Dinh district. This Property Plus article will show 7-areas with the most foreigners. Let's find out!

Top 7 areas with many ex-pat communities in Ba Dinh district

There are ex-pat communities in Ba Dinh district that mainly focus on major roads such as Linh Lang, Dao Tan, Giang Vo, Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh, Lieu Giai, Truc Bach, etc.

1. The area of Linh Lang road

Linh Lang street is 600m long, connecting Doi Can street to Dao Tan street. This is one of the streets called "Japanese Street" by the people of the capital. The reason is that most restaurants, cosmetics shops, and supermarkets in this neighborhood have signed in Japanese and mainly cater to Japanese customers. Hanoians are also familiar with the image of girls wearing the Japanese kimonos standing at the door to greet guests in Japanese.

It is not difficult to see the signs written in Japanese on Linh Lang street

There are several utilities around the Linh Lang street area:

● Administrative agency: People's Court of Ba Dinh District.

● Shopping locations: Supermarket Tomibun, WinMart +, VietMart, convenient store FuMiya, CircleK, Japanese food store Akuruhi Supermarket, Linh Lang market, etc.

● Restaurants: Cantik Japanese restaurant, Tsuruya Restaurant, Kokoro BBQ, Takebo Restaurant, Takumi, Tonpei, Inaka, Sushi Kuan, Marugin, Fukuyoka, Ramen Haron, etc.

There are dozens of Japanese restaurants on the Linh Lang route

● Hospitals, clinics: 354 Military Medical Hospital, Hoang Nam Oriental Medicine Clinic, Vinmec Metropolis Clinic, etc.

● Entertainment area: Playtime Kids Club, Timezone Vincom Metropolis, etc.

Property Plus apartments for rent on Linh Lang Street are mainly in Japanese style with minimalism in the interior, designed to optimize all functions but still ensure comfort and convenience for guests to rent, highlighting sophistication and neatness in the Japanese lifestyle. These apartments include Brick House apartments for rent, Apartment No. 102 Linh Lang, No. 2/41 Linh Lang, No. 27/81 Linh Lang, No. 83 Linh Lang, etc.

Apartment for rent at 2/41 Linh Lang

Apartment for rent at 102 Linh Lang

>>> See more information about "characteristics of Japanese standard serviced apartments and Japanese standard apartments in Hanoi".


2. Dao Tan road area

Dao Tan street, 900m long, is one of the central streets of Hanoi located on Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh district, connecting from Lieu Giai street to Buoi street. This is a wide two-way road (about 10-25m) with 2-3 lanes for cars in each direction. At the intersection with Lieu Giai Street is Lotte Building - the 3rd skyscraper in Vietnam.

Dao Tan street is dyed purple by the mausoleum in the summer

This is also one of the "Japanese neighborhoods" of the capital. There are many famous Japanese restaurants, such as New Sake Dao Tan, Hanayuki Restaurant, Hashiya Restaurant, Fukurai Restaurant, Taki Taki Restaurant, etc.

Hanayuki restaurant is popular with many people because of the dishes that retain the original taste of Japan, large space, bold design of the country of cherry blossoms.


Thu Le Park, located next to Dao Tan Street, is also a popular tourist attraction. This is an amusement park with a total area of up to 28ha, of which 6ha is a lake, the rest is amusement park, zoo, garden, etc. When you come here, you can visit the zoo with nearly 600 animals, including tigers, elephants, bears, crocodiles, etc. You can also experience many interesting games such as statue painting, duck ride, water polo, etc. Or organize picnics with friends at Thu Le Park.

Thu Le Park

Around there are the Australian Embassy, the Embassy of Japan, and the Embassy of Sweden. This makes it easy for the expat community in Ba Dinh district to easily access the embassies when in need of support on the administrative formalities, and solve problems while living in Hanoi.

If you want to live here, you can choose one of the apartments for rent for foreigners: apartment 19/36 Dao Tan, Apartment Balcony House (24/36 Dao Tan), apartment Golden Lotus Building (34/12 Dao Tan), apartment Kegon Hotel & Apartment (84 Dao Tan), serviced apartment Palmo 2 (73/12 Dao Tan), etc.

Apartment for rent is designed in Japanese style at 19/36 Dao Tan

Balcony House Apartments

Golden Lotus Building

3. The area of Kim Ma street

Kim Ma street is 2.5km long, stretching from Cau Giay street to the intersection of Tay Son - Nguyen Thai Hoc street. The streets are mainly in many administrative agencies such as the Van Phuc diplomatic mission, the United Nations office in Vietnam, the World Health Organization (WHO) office, the Ngoc Khanh Ward Committee, and the Embassy of Sweden. Embassy of Myanmar, etc.

This street is also known as "the road of ten thousand people fascinated" by two straight lines on both sides of the road. In the summer occasion, the flowers of the mausoleum bloom, "dyed" purple all the way, making many people fall in love.

"The road of ten thousand people loves" with two rows of the purple mausoleum in full bloom

Along with Linh Lang street, Dao Tan street, Kim Ma is also the "Japanese street" in the heart of Hanoi. On Kim Ma Street, the section along Thu Le Park, there are dozens of Japanese restaurants with large decorative signs, many of which still cover the building's facade. Such as Ofukuro, Itaewon Dakgalbi, Tokachiya Ramen & Chahan, Nari, Sushidai, Saiko Sushi Japanese Cuisine, etc. Besides, this location is also very close to the Embassy of Japan (about 400m from the intersection between Kim Ma Street and Lieu Giai Street).

Japanese Restaurant on Kim Ma Street

Some other facilities make Kim Ma street an area with a large community of foreigners in Ba Dinh district:

● School: RMIT University, Pegasus International College, Singapore Van Phuc International School, Bright Star Bilingual Kindergarten, American International School, etc.

● Hospital, the Children's Hospital Clinic, Modern Hospital, Vinh Ha General Clinic, the International Medicine Clinic, etc.

● Shopping location: WinMart supermarket, Intimex Home and Food supermarket, Lotte Mart supermarket, Circle K convenience store, etc.

● Apartment for rent in Ba Dinh district for foreigners: Apartment The 1989 House (294 Kim Ma), apartment Apricot House (19/535 Kim Ma), service apartment ISN Home (12/551 Kim Ma ), apartment Minami Apartment (19/535 Kim Ma), apartment 5B/535 Kim Ma, apartment 2D Service Residence (523 Kim Ma), etc.

The 1989 House apartment

2D Service Residence apartment

4. The area of Lieu Giai Street

Lieu Giai Street is 800m long, connecting Doi Can street to Kim Ma street. Although the road is not too long, there are many outstanding amenities of the city that chosen by many Koreans and Japanese as the place to live and work.


Near the intersection between Lieu Giai Street and Dao Tan Street is the 3rd tallest building in Vietnam - Lotte Center, managed by South Korean Lotte Group. This is Grade A office building, commercial center, hotel rooms, and apartments for rent in the top most expensive in Hanoi. Specifically: basement 1 is a Lotte Mart supermarket, from floor 1 to 6 is a commercial center, floor 8 to 31 is a grade A office area, floors 33 to 64 are apartment and 5-star hotel, floor 65 is the observatory and the Sky Walk glass bridge.