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Notes when renting an apartment in Hanoi, foreigners need to know

Currently, there are quite a few units for rent an apartment in Hanoi. However, to find an apartment that suits the needs and budget is a challenge for tenants, for foreigners it is even more difficult.

It is not easy to rent an apartment in Hanoi with the location, living environment, price and facilities suitable for your needs.

Before starting to rent an apartment in Hanoi, Property Plus recommends that you equip yourself with some knowledge and notes to be able to choose a great place to stay during your time in Hanoi.

Warnings when looking to rent an apartment in Hanoi that foreigners need to know


The first thing you need to do when renting an apartment or house for rent in Hanoi is to find out about the owner of the rental apartment (either an individual or a real estate rental company). It is very important to verify and understand the owner, helping you avoid possible risks while living in the apartment.

Finding out about the owners when renting an apartment in Hanoi is the first thing you need to do

If you meet a friendly, good-natured landlord, you will feel comfortable and secure when renting an apartment. If you encounter a bad landlord, you may feel worried about disagreements, conflicts with the landlord, as well as unreasonable additional fees during the rental process. To limit this, try to meet and talk directly with the landlord at least once to feel. If you have friends and colleagues who are renting apartments or houses in that area, ask about their experiences and reviews about the landlord!

Information about Hanoi apartments

Location is always an important factor when making a decision to rent an apartment in Hanoi. You need to determine if the rental location is close to your company, is there a supermarket, restaurant, school, hospital, etc., and is there a foreign community living in that area or not?. ..

You need to considerate if the location of the apartment is suitable for your needs

The next information that you should find out is the furniture in the apartment for rent in Hanoi. If the landlord only rents out an empty apartment, you don't need to do this step. However, with fully furnished apartments, you should find out carefully. If you have a need to rent a serviced apartment in Hanoi with many amenities, bringing a comfortable life, you should check if the apartment is fully furnished with the furniture you need or not? if it meets your daily living needs or not?

Foreigners come to Hanoi mainly for tourism or business, so they need to rent a luxury apartment with full amenities.

If you want to be served convenient services when renting an apartment such as laundry, housekeeping, television, Internet, ... You should ask the landlord about this issue to see what utility services the apartment has, free of charge or not, if it meets your needs or not.

Besides, some apartment rental units in Hanoi today often do not encourage you to keep pets. However, there are still some management boards that allow it, but you have to meet certain requirements. So learn this rule immediately if you have a pet to bring in or find another apartment!


Inquiries about other fees

In addition to the monthly rent, you also need to consider other fees when renting an apartment in Hanoi. Some commonly charged fees include electricity, water, Internet, television, housekeeping, parking, management, etc. You should ask how those fees are calculated, how much is the price, when you must pay the fee?. This helps you to estimate the total amount to be paid in a month when renting the apartment.

Deposit payment method

Deposit is the amount that you are required to pay by the landlord before renting an apartment in Hanoi (usually equivalent to 1 to 3 months of rent). This amount is collected for the purpose of ensuring that you will not terminate the apartment rental agreement abruptly, affecting the interests of the landlord and is refunded to you at the end of the lease.

Besides the security deposit, you may also have to pay the first month's rent in advance. Therefore, it is extremely important that you ask the landlord explicitly about fees to be paid before renting and if the deposit is refundable at the end of the contract.


The landlord may require you to pay a deposit along with the first month's rent

Normally, the payment method for renting apartments in Vietnam is cash or bank transfer. If paying in cash, you will need to receive a payment confirmation from the landlord. If paying by bank transfer, you need to make sure that the bank account matches the landlord's account listed on the contract. This helps you avoid unnecessary disputes with the landlord, as well as ensures you will get your deposit back after the lease expires.

Tips to help ensure safety when renting an apartment in Hanoi

Clearly identify the property owner's information

When signing an apartment rental contract in Hanoi, you need to make sure you know all the information of the landlord. To be on the safe side, carefully study the legal documents related to the apartment to prove that the person in the name of the lessor in the contract is the property owner. You should not sign a contract if you are not sure that the landlord has the right to let you rent an apartment in Hanoi.

Carefully check the information of the owner of the rental apartment

Besides, you should also check to see if the apartment you are about to rent is under a bank mortgage. If yes, it is necessary to ask clearly with the landlord if the apartment rental is allowed by the bank. In case the apartment rental is not approved by the bank and the apartment owner does not make the payment of the mortgage loan to the bank, at this time, the bank can take back the ownership of the mortgaged property. As such, you will lose the right to rent the apartment, as well as risk losing the deposit and prepayment fees to the landlord.

Actual inspection of the apartment before renting

You should ask the landlord to allow you to see the apartment in person before signing a contract or paying any fees. Because landlords always try to give attractive information and beautiful images to talk about their products. But maybe those pictures were taken a long time ago, the current status of apartments for rent is no longer like that. Therefore, please take some time to visit the apartment before making a decision.

Take the time to come see the apartment in person before making a rental decision

When you come to view the apartment, check everything carefully, such as checking if the walls and ceiling are cracked or wet, the stairs are secure, the doors and windows are locked. Is it safe, is the interior as described by the landlord, is the surrounding environment safe, etc. If there are any problems, please ask the landlord for a clear answer. .

You can also ask the landlord to repair any damage to the rental unit before you move in. Because, these pieces of furniture are already included in your monthly rent. In addition, you are also responsible for their care and maintenance. If there is any damage, you may have to pay the landlord for the damage.

Besides, you also need to determine if the location of the apartment, the facilities around the house, ... are correct with the information that the landlord gives you or not.


Find information on the Internet

In addition to asking friends and colleagues to recommend apartments for rent in Hanoi, you can also search for information on the Internet yourself. This is one of the choices to search for apartments of many people today.

One of the most commonly used and highly effective websites is Facebook. You should join groups and pages about the best apartments for expats in Hanoi. On Facebook, there are also quite a few foreign communities, you can ask them to give you suitable suggestions. Thanks to that, information about apartments for rent becomes more diverse, you also have more choices.

In addition, there are many reputable real estate rental websites in Vietnam today. Here, you can search for apartments with location and rental rates that suit your needs, along with pictures and detailed apartment information for your easy reference. 


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Look for units to provide apartment rental services in Hanoi

If you are coming to Hanoi for the first time and do not have much experience in finding the right apartment for rent, look for reputable apartment rental service providers in Hanoi. They can quickly recommend apartments to suit your needs and budget.

Property Plus - Safe and optimal choice when renting an apartment in Hanoi

If you want to rent a serviced apartment in Hanoi that suits your needs and budget, please contact Property Plus immediately! Property Plus is a leading real estate company in Hanoi, specializing in providing consulting, management and rental services for serviced apartments and luxury apartments for foreigners. With a network of apartments spanning 12 districts of the capital, we are confident to help you find a great place to stay, fully equipped, with many accompanying services of 04 to 05 star standards.


With an understanding of the culture of each country, personalized service to each customer, Property Plus is confident to satisfy every customer.

The apartments of Property Plus for rent are all high-class apartments, with modern furniture, from 01 to 05 bedrooms, located in convenient locations for moving and many expat communities.

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All information, pictures and utilities of the apartment are fully posted by Property Plus on the website https://propertyplus.com.vn/. Pages with interface options to display English - Japanese - Vietnamese to help foreign visitors easily find information.

Property Plus website has an English - Japanese - Vietnamese display interface option

Above are the notes when looking for apartments to rent in Hanoi for foreigners that Property Plus wants to share. Hope can help you have more experience when looking for apartments for rent. For more information, please do not hesitate to call the hotline number 08 5666 2566 of Property Plus! We are always ready to serve you 24/7.