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Top newest apartments for rent in Hanoi

The rapid development of real estate projects in Hanoi capital has led to the birth of a series of new apartments for rent with prime locations, apartment quality and outstanding services. with many outstanding local amenities. Join Property Plus to list some of the newest apartments for rent in Hanoi through the article below!

  1. The Zei Apartment

The Zei new commercial center and apartment for rent complex is located in My Dinh urban area. This location is considered ideal for the international community in Hanoi.

Overview of The Zei project

The Zei apartment building and commercial center are inspired by Japanese culture, resulting in a modern living environment that meets international standards.

  • Investor: Hai Dang Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • Address: No. 8 Le Duc Tho Street, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
  • Total area of ​​the project: 7,700m2.
  • Construction area: 4,600m2.
  • Project scale: Including a 42-storey building and 04 basements, providing 891 luxury apartments (from 02-bedroom to 04-bedroom apartments). In which, from the 1st to the 4th floor of the building is a commercial and service center, from the 5th to the 41st floor are luxury apartments, 42nd floor is technical room and hanging garden. System of 04 spacious parking basements (from B4 floor to B1 floor), meeting all parking needs of apartment tenants at The Zei.

The Zei apartment building was inspired by the architectural model of a "Vertical City"

With a location right in the heart of My Dinh urban area - the new administrative and educational center, Hanoi's western gateway, The Zei becomes an outstanding architectural work of the urban area, easily connected to external utilities and important places in the city.

It only takes about 06 minutes from The Zei building to My Dinh National Stadium, 14 minutes to Vinhomes Smart City, 16 minutes to Thu Le Park, 30 minutes to the center city, and 35 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport...

Outstanding facilities inside The Zei project 

  • The Zei Plaza is located on the 03 podium floors of the building. With the goal of bringing a convenient and luxurious destination, The Zei Plaza gathers the booths of the world's top famous brands, as well as high-class services exclusively for residents. In particular, The Zei Plaza is also a pioneer in developing a traditional and contemporary art-based shopping and entertainment model, bringing new and completely different experiences.

The Zei Plaza Shopping Center

  • The four-season saltwater swimming pool through the podium with an area of ​​​​1,097.62m2 will be a place that you cannot ignore. This is a rare saltwater swimming pool in Hanoi. The swimming pool uses salt electrolysis technology, disinfects with UV rays, keeps the water clear, clean and safe for skin and health.

The Zei saltwater swimming pool

  • The outdoor children's playground is filled with interesting and useful games, helping children to freely exercise and have fun.

Outdoor playground at The Zei

  • The gym has a 05-star standard with a system of modern equipment, supporting you in doing sports, improving your health and improving your physique.

05-star standard gym

  • Himalayan salt rock sauna, combined with negative ion infrared conduction technology to the sauna, creates an ideal place to relax and take care of your health after a tiring working period.

Modern salt rock sauna

  • The common living space has an area of ​​​​up to 700m2, with an open-style design. This will be a place to meet, exchange and connect residents in the building.
  • Next to the common area is the library - where you can have fun with family and friends or absorb a huge source of knowledge with more than 2,000 books.

Common area and library

  • On the 42nd floor of the building, the investor decides to set a meditation room. This will be the ideal place for you to meditate, relax your soul, find peace, and energy for your body, with a quiet space in harmony with nature.

Spacious, green meditation room

  • On the 42nd floor, there is also a planetarium with a modern design. Astronomical equipment and scopes are arranged here so that you can freely observe and explore the universe.

Astronomical Garden - where children can freely explore the universe

  • Next to the planetarium is a walking garden, combined with a wellness park, fountains, lounge chairs and children's playground.

Green walking garden

  • In addition, on the outside of the building, a green space is arranged with a hanging garden system that is harmoniously integrated in front and behind along the vertical axis of the building. Every 03 floors, there will be a hanging garden, bringing a fresh, fresh green area, filtering dust, as well as saving energy for each apartment.

Design the apartments at The Zei in a minimalist style

The new apartments for rent at The Zei are inspired by the Japanese Omotenashi philosophy - attentiveness to each customer's needs. Accordingly, the apartments will be paid attention to every detail by the investor to bring maximum comfort to residents. The architectural style of the apartments is towards minimalism, without beams and columns, helping to optimize area and use.

Modern, airy living room

Each apartment will be equipped with pressed bamboo floors with a length of 15mm, helping to soundproof between floors, as well as creating a unique and aesthetic feature for the room. In addition, there are multi two-way cassette ceiling air conditioning systems with only one condensing unit, saving space and electrical energy, Low-E glass door technology for air conditioning and insulation, medical standard air filtration system...

Kitchen with full amenities such as induction hob, refrigerator, oven, hood, sink...

The bedroom is light and airy, with Low-E glass windows that maximize the ability to catch the sun and wind

Japanese standard bathroom with sink and bathtub

In addition, two airy balconies arranged in each apartment will be the ideal space for you to place a tea table, flower garden... creating an extremely creative relaxing space.

Rental price of new apartments The Zei

  • 02-bedroom apartment: Including 02 bedrooms, 02 bathrooms with an area of ​​89m2, the rental price is about $700 - $900/month.

The floor plan of 02-bedroom apartment

  • 03-bedroom apartment: Including 03 bedrooms, 02 bathrooms with an area of ​​​​107.7m2, the rental price is about $950 - $1,100/month.

The floor plan of 03-bedroom apartment

  • 04-bedroom apartment (penthouse): Including 04 bedrooms, 05 bathrooms with an area of ​​309.6m2, the rental price is about $1,200 - $1,300/month.