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Ideal places to live, there are many foreigners in Hanoi

Day update:

Hanoi is becoming more and more attractive to foreigners because of its unique culture, stable infrastructure, diverse cuisine, many beautiful landscapes,... There are many suitable places for tourists. Expats in Hanoi , in which Tay Ho district, Ba Dinh district and Hoan Kiem district are trendy places for foreigners to live and work.

Tay Ho District: The "green lung" of the capital - The ideal place for foreigners in Hanoi

Overview of Tay Ho district

Tay Ho district is home to a unique culinary scene, a vibrant pace of life, and many high-class apartments for foreigners.

Tay Ho district is located in the north of the inner city of Hanoi, bordering Long Bien district, Bac Tu Liem district, Cau Giay district, Ba Dinh district and Dong Anh district. This place is considered the capital's service, tourism, and cultural centre.

The district's name is named after West Lake - the largest natural lake in the capital, with over 500 hectares.

Famous tourist attractions in Tay Ho district include: Nghi Tam flower village, Nhat Tan peach village, West lake, Ba Gia pagoda, Phu Tay Ho, Quang Ba lake, Van Nien pagoda, Uc Nien pagoda, Quan Thanh temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda,...

Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam, over 1,500 years old, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

In addition to being famous for nature and tourism, Tay Ho cuisine is something that you cannot ignore when coming here. The favourite dishes of the district include Yen Phu spring rolls, Thuy Khue honey doughnuts, Huong Mai noodle soup, West Lake shrimp cakes, Yen Phu grilled spring rolls, banyan bean vermicelli, Hung Ben noodle soup, and Vong Thi savory donuts. ,...

Tay Ho culinary paradise is something that you should not miss when coming here

Regarding the traffic system, Tay Ho district is located in the capital's centre, with Nhat Tan bridge and many major roads such as Vo Chi Cong, Hoang Quoc Viet, Au Co, Pham Van Dong, etc... Moving to other locations in Hanoi is easy and fast.

Tay Ho district has extremely favorable natural conditions

Although developing fast and modern, Tay Ho district still retains a green and quiet space, so many foreigners choose it as a place to live and relax. In particular, West Lake, with over 500 hectares, is likened to the "green lung" of the capital. According to the planning orientation of the city, West Lake will be developed in the direction of both development and conservation of landscape and ecology. Thanks to that, the air here is extremely fresh and cool.

Tay Ho district has extremely favorable natural conditions

West Lake - The area with the most foreigners living in Hanoi

In recent years, the number of people immigrating from other communities and provinces to Tay Ho district has been very high, making the area's population more crowded. Not only that, but this is also a place chosen by many foreigners to live, especially Western Europeans, Americans, and Koreans.

This place has many high-class apartments for foreigners and has a modern infrastructure such as Western restaurants, gyms, medical facilities, shops, international schools, supermarkets, etc... With a quiet, fresh space and many amenities around, perhaps that is why this place has become the district with the largest of expatriate communities in Hanoi today, especially the West Lake area.

West Lake is the area with the most foreigners living in Hanoi

The area along the West Lake has many high-end apartment projects for ex-pats in Hanoi, such as Elegant Suites Westlake, Diamond Westlake, Hanoi Club, Fraser Suites, and Somerset. West Point, Oakwood, Pent Studio, Somerset West Lake, Sun Grand City... These apartments are designed in Asian and European style, with full facilities and services of international standards, attracting many foreigners coming here to stay reside.

Fraser Suites luxury apartment - 51 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Somerset West Lake Hanoi apartment has a cool and airy view of West Lake

Oakwood serviced apartments are fully furnished, with many convenient services included

Luxury and comfortable PentStudio apartment in Tay Ho district

>>> See more information about many luxury apartments for foreigners in Tay Ho district here .

Hoan Kiem District: Ancient European Breath

Overview of Hoan Kiem district

Hoan Kiem District is located in the capital's centre, bordering Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung and Long Bien districts. Thanks to its prime location and developed traffic, Hoan Kiem district has become a bridge between communities, creating a solid economic, cultural and tourism block.

Hoan Kiem District is located in the center of Hanoi, one of the busiest districts in the capital

Famous tourist attractions in Hoan Kiem district include Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son temple, Turtle tower, Hanoi Old Quarter, Phung Hung mural street, Opera House, Cathedral, Hang Dau booth,...

Hoan Kiem Lake (also known as Sword Lake) is not only a famous tourist destination but also a place associated with the historical tradition of the capital.

Hoan Kiem district is also the culinary cradle of the capital. This place has a lot of delicious dishes, which are very popular with domestic and foreign diners, especially the culinary world in the old quarter. The famous dishes can be followed such as La Vong fish cake, Bat Dan noodle soup, Dong Thinh eel vermicelli, Cho Do beo cake, Hang Than sticky rice cake, Hang Chieu wonton noodles, To Tich street's fresh fruit, hot cakes Cotton goods,...

Cuisine in Hoan Kiem district is extremely unique with many delicious dishes, which are popular with domestic and foreign tourists

Hoan Kiem District is also a major commercial center of the city, concentrating many large markets, supermarkets, and retail centers such as Dong Xuan market, Old Quarter night market, Hang Be market, Cua Nam market, Hang market. Leather, WinMart + supermarket, Trang Tien Plaza,...

Trang Tien Plaza is the most luxurious and classy commercial center in Hanoi with more than 200 booths of the world's leading brands. 

Regarding the transportation system, in the heart of the district, a railway and bus system is running, helping residents conveniently move to many other areas in the city. The road connecting to Nhat Tan Bridge helps move to the airport and neighbouring districts. The Chuong Duong bridge system leads to Long Bien district and provinces in the Northeast region.

Ancient European architectural colors

Hoan Kiem District still preserves many works from the French colonial period, which are included in important historical sites of Hanoi such as Hoa Lo Prison, National History Museum, Hanoi Opera House, Cathedral big, Hanoi post office,...

Hanoi Post Office is a place marking many historical ups and downs, built in French architecture with neoclassical style.

Western architecture in Hoan Kiem district is also reflected in the architecture of the old quarter. The streets in the Old Quarter are built in French architecture, divided into small squares in the style of checkerboards with a reasonably short length. Each cell is a neighbourhood.

Hanoi Old Quarter

A suitable cultural exchange and living spot for foreigners in Hanoi

Many foreigners are coming to work and live in Hoan Kiem district, coming from many different countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy, France, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, etc. .. Therefore, Hoan Kiem district will be a suitable cultural exchange and living place for foreigners in Hanoi.

In Hoan Kiem district, there are also many embassies, such as England, Austria, Norway, France, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, etc... helping to support and solve problems in the lives of foreigners in Hanoi. Interior quickly.

High-class, fully-furnished serviced apartments in Hoan Kiem district are often chosen by foreigners to stay, including Somerset Grand Hanoi, Sun Red River, Pacific Place, NESTA Apartment,...

NESTA Serviced Apartment

Somerset Grand Hanoi serviced apartment


Pacific Place apartment

Wecozy Hanoi serviced apartment

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Ba Dinh District: The center of multinational diplomatic missions

Overview of Ba Dinh district

Ba Dinh is the political centre of Hanoi, gathering many important state agencies such as the Government office, the headquarters of Vietnam Television, the embassies of Japan, Poland, Canada, Germany, etc. Australia, Spain, Finland,... and significant universities. The district is adjacent to 5 sections of Hanoi, namely Long Bien, Hoan Kiem, Cau Giay, and Dong Da Tay Ho.

Ba Dinh district is the center of multinational diplomatic missions

Ba Dinh is home to the most historical and tourist sites in Hanoi. Some famous places include Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Lenin flower garden, Bach Thao Park, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Long Bien market, and the villa of Mr. King Bao Dai,...


The Presidential Mausoleum is the place to preserve the body of President Ho Chi Minh, has great political and cultural significance

With the location as the city's centre, the concentration of leading agencies in the industry, the population in Ba Dinh area has a relatively high level of education, and people have a peaceful lifestyle. Therefore, Ba Dinh is a lovely place for foreigners to come here to work and live, forming foreign communities such as Japan, Korea, ...

The streets of "thousands of people love" in Ba Dinh district

The roads have a relatively simple structure, with a calculated plan that makes them stand out. It is possible to follow the "thousands of people's love" roads such as Kim Ma street, Hoang Dieu street with two rows of poetic mausoleum trees, Phan Dinh Phung street, Quan Thanh street with the scent of milk flowers, ...

A section of Kim Ma street with two rows of poetic mausoleum trees

The transportation system in Ba Dinh district is also quite flexible, with a dense bus network, an elevated railway line, etc., to help people in the area quickly move to other places in Hanoi.

The best apartment for rent in Hanoi for foreigners

Ba Dinh district is always an ideal destination for the ex-pat community in Hanoi. There are many apartments for rent here with full amenities and prime locations. Prominent apartments in Ba Dinh district that are especially popular with foreigners can be mentioned as Vinhomes Metropolis, The Grandeur Palace, The Five Residence, Hoa Binh Green, The Lancaster,...

Vinhomes Metropolis luxury apartment is located on Lieu Giai street, Ngoc Khanh 

Vinhomes Metropolis apartment has a modern design in an open space style, making the room bright and airy. All apartments are fully equipped with furniture imported from abroad, bringing tenants a classy and luxurious life.

The Lancaster Apartment is located at No. 20 Nui Truc Street, Giang Vo Ward

The Lancaster apartments are highly delicate, fully equipped with luxurious, high-class furniture. Inside the apartment complex, there are many integrated facilities, such as a gym, children's play area, indoor swimming pool, supermarket, convenience store, restaurant, etc...

The Five Residences Hanoi apartment building is located at 345 Doi Can, Lieu Giai

The Five Residences Hanoi apartments meet international standards of a high-class apartment, with airy design, natural light sources, and comfortable living space.

>>> See more information about many luxury apartments for foreigners in Ba Dinh district here .

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