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What apartments for rent in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi are good for foreigners? What are the highlights of these apartments? Let's find out detailed information with Property Plus through the article below!

  1. King Palace Apartment

King Palace is the most luxurious and modern design apartment in Thanh Xuan district, located right next to the Vinhomes Royal City project.

Project overview

  • Location: 108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
  • Investor: Sakura Real Estate Joint Stock Company.
  • Scale: Including 02 buildings, building A (high-class apartments for sale) and building B (hotel, high-class serviced apartments for rent).
  • Total number of apartments for rent: 410 apartments.
  • Type of apartment: There are 02-bedroom and 03-bedroom apartments with area from 81 to 126m2, 05-bedroom and 06-bedroom apartments with area from 80 to 259m2.
  • Outstanding internal facilities: swimming pool, gym, international school, commercial center.

Perspective of King Palace luxury apartment

In which, the apartment block of King Palace has 36 floors and 03 basements:

  • From the 1st to the 4th floor is the commercial area, internal utilities, office and preschool (in the common podium of two buildings A and B).
  • The 5th floor has 12 apartments for rent with types of 02, 03, and 06-bedroom.
  • From the 6th to the 9th floor, there are 52 apartments, including 02 and 03-bedroom.
  • From the 10th to the 35th floor, there are 338 apartments with a scale of 13 apartments/floor, including 02 and 03-bedroom.
  • The 36th floor has 8 apartments with all types of 02, 03, 05 and 06-bedroom.

Expensive location of King Palace

King Palace luxury apartment building is located at 108 Nguyen Trai Street, Thuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. Nguyen Trai is the radial road of Hanoi, connecting the two districts of Thanh Xuan and Dong Da.

In front of the building is the elevated railway Cat Linh - Ha Dong, next to the Thuong Dinh station , Vincom Mega Mall Royal City.

King Palace Building is located on Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District

Within a radius of 1km, you can conveniently move to many utility areas around the building such as:

  • Schools: Huynh Thuc Khang High School, Vinschool, British - Vietnamese International School (BVIS)...
  • Clinics: Hanoi General Clinic, Vinmec Royal City International Clinic...
  • Commercial centers: Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Gold Tower, Vinhomes Royal City,...
  • Banks: Sacombank, BIDV, Techcombank, Vietinbank, Maritime Bank...
  • Amusement area: Thuong Dinh football field, Royal City football field, Dream Games amusement park, children's play area tiNiWorld...

King Place internal facilities

King Palace Apartment gives residents a comfortable and modern life by integrating many synchronous utilities inside the building:

  • 03 basements with a total area of ​​7,716m2, meeting the maximum parking needs of residents at King Palace.

Cloud foot swimming pool

  • Cloud foot swimming pool on the 37th floor of the building with a panoramic view of Hanoi.
  • The gym is fully equipped with modern equipment, serving the needs of sports training, health improvement and fitness improvement.
  • The commercial center area gathers the world's top famous brands, helping to satisfy the shopping and entertainment needs of tenants.

From the 1st to the 3rd floor is a commercial center

  • Maple Bear International Kindergarten offers a modern educational environment, international standard training programs with high quality teaching methods. You can rest assured when you let your children study here.

Maple Bear Kindergarten is located on the 4th floor

  • In addition, there is a library, exhibition area, cinema, mini museum, ... to meet your entertainment, living and relaxing needs.

Luxury apartment design

410 apartments for rent are designed with high aesthetics, creating an extremely luxurious living space. The living room of the apartments is large and airy, with a private balcony to plant trees or arrange a tea table.

A special feature that makes the living room of these apartments for rent in Thanh Xuan become airier is the ceiling system up to 3.3m high and 2.8m high. This is a rare height in other apartment projects in Hanoi.

King Palace apartment living room

Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen. It is fully equipped with utensils for cooking such as induction cooktop, sink, kitchen cabinet, kitchen shelf, ventilation hood... This open space design helps your family have a spacious common space. You can cook while chatting with family members.

King Palace kitchen

The bathroom of the apartment for rent in Thanh Xuan is clad with natural stone, inside is equipped with a sink and toilet of TOTO brand, high quality glass mirror, shower, bathtub and glass partition.

King Palace restroom

The bedroom is bright thanks to the large glass door system, which helps to take advantage of natural light and fresh air from outside. This glass door has 03 layers of sound and heat insulation.

King Palace bedroom

All apartments at King Place use a door system with fire protection features. Smart magnetic lock system with 04 functions: fingerprint lock, password, magnetic card and mechanical key. The room is equipped with a fire alarm system to ensure safety. Therefore, you can completely feel secure when living at King Place.

Rental price of the apartments

  • 02-bedroom apartment: With an area from 82 to 94m2, the rental price is about $700 - $900/month.
  • 03-bedroom apartment: With an area from 105 to 125m2, the rental price is about $900 - $1,100 USD/month.
  • 05-bedroom apartment and 06-bedroom apartment: Area from 201.92 to 259m2. You can contact Property Plus for quick rental rates and apartment reservations.
  1. Royal Park Apartment

Royal Park Apartment is located on Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, about 1.5km from King Palace apartment complex. The project is a complex of apartments, commercial centers, offices and adjacent villas.

Perspective of Royal Park project

Overview of the Royal Park project

  • Location: No. 63 Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
  • Investor: Song Hong Trading and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • Type of development: Apartments, offices, commercial centers and villas, adjacent villas.
  • Total construction area: 13,022m2.
  • Apartment building: 30 floors and 3 basements (1st and 2nd floors are commercial centers, offices, restaurants... from 3rd floor upwards are luxury apartments).
  • Low-rise building: Including 43 lots with two types of houses: villas and 5-storey townhouses.

Floor plan of Royal Park apartment building

Location of Royal Park apartment building

Royal Park apartment complex is located in a desirable location, right near the intersection between Nguyen Tuan Street and Nguyen Huy Tuong Street.

Besides, the project is also located near the arterial roads of the capital such as Ring Road 3, Ring Road 2, Khuat Duy Tien, Nguyen Trai... From this location, you can move to other places in the city quickly and conveniently. Specifically, it only takes about 06 minutes to go to Hanoi Museum, 10 minutes to go to the Temple of Literature, 15 minutes to go to Hoan Kiem Lake, ...

Outstanding facilities in the apartment complex

Royal Park Nguyen Huy Tuong is located in a place with rapid infrastructure development, focusing on a series of synchronous utilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment, ...

  • Schools: Colorhouse Bilingual Kindergarten, Vietnam - Algeria Secondary School, Sputnik Intercollegiate School, BVIS Secondary School, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, International School – Vietnam National University Hanoi...
  • Shopping centers: Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Gold Tower, Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung, WinMart + supermarket, WonMart, A Mart, Nhan Chinh market, Thuong Dinh market...

Royal Park Nguyen Huy Tuong is about 1.8km from Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

  • Hospitals, clinics: Vietnam Sun Medical Center Hospital, Construction Hospital, Tue Tinh Hospital, Traditional Medicine Hospital of the Ministry of Public Security, Thu Cuc General Clinic...
  • Entertainment area: CGV Hanoi Centerpoint cinema, CGV Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Dreams Land Playground, Smart Kids Playground, Nhan Chinh lake park...

Nhan Chinh Park is more than 13 hectares wide with a lake of 8 hectares, the rest are green parks, amusement parks, walking paths, etc.

  • Restaurants: Buffet Sapasa, Ohcha, PP's BBQ & Hotpot, Quan Bac, Chef Dzung, Buffet Nguyen Tuan...

Inside the Royal Park apartment building is also installed a high-speed elevator system (over 3m/s), helping you to move to the floors of the building quickly and conveniently. There is also a backup power system, ready to supply power to all equipment inside the building when there is a power failure.

Another highlight of the apartment complex is the green system surrounding the building with a total area of ​​​​up to 7,200m2. This helps to create an extremely fresh and cool space.

The system of green trees is interspersed and surrounds the building

In addition, from the 1st to the 2nd floor of the building, there are also other facilities such as a shopping center with hundreds of stalls of famous brands, inter-schools, restaurants serving dishes made in Europe style, a 500m2 four-season swimming pool, gym, spa...

Design of apartments for rent in Thanh Xuan - Royal Park

Two Royal Park apartment buildings are located in a complex of low-rise buildings and commercial and service centers with a scale of 13,022m2, providing apartments for rent in Thanh Xuan with types ranging from studio to 02-bedroom...