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Top 3 things foreigners need to know about renting a house in Hanoi

Are you about to move to Vietnam and looking for a place to rent in Hanoi? Are you wondering what types of apartments for foreigners to rent in Hanoi? To choose an ideal place to live and best suit your needs, let's find out the information below with Property Plus right away!

Types of houses for foreigners to rent in Hanoi

Depending on different needs, preferences, and budgets, you can choose the following types of houses for foreigners to rent in Hanoi.


Apartment buildings are the most typical type of housing in Vietnam's major cities, including Hanoi.

Specifically, an apartment building is a collection of large buildings containing many separate apartments. When living in an apartment, you will share utility services such as parking basement, elevator, park, swimming pool, etc.

Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam Apartment, Hanoi

Apartments usually have from 1 to 4 bedrooms and other separate rooms such as toilets, living rooms, and kitchens. These apartments can be fully furnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished. They can range in price from mid to high and are in Hanoi as Hai Ba Trung, Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, and Dong Da districts.

Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment

This type of house rental in Hanoi is preferred because they have many choices. The apartment rental price in Hanoi ranges from $500 to $1200/month. Therefore, apartments are suitable for foreigners coming to Vietnam to live.

Serviced Apartment

Currently, in the apartment rental market, there are 2 types of serviced apartments: ordinary serviced apartments and serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are usually private rooms in a house. These rooms are fully furnished or partially furnished from bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, you can request additional services depending on the needs of the tenant.

On the other hand, serviced apartments in apartments are apartments that have been upgraded by rental units (typically Property Plus) with full services like 5-star hotels. 

Serviced apartments are integrated with many high-class amenities

Specifically, depending on your needs, you can choose from various types of services for your apartment such as: renting full furniture, apartment management service - customer care, housekeeping service, service. technical - maintenance, internet service, drinking water service, Japanese - Korean TV - Netflix, etc. Besides, when using serviced apartments in apartments, you can still enjoy the common facilities of other apartment buildings such as a gym, swimming pool, etc.

Serviced apartments are chosen by many foreigners because of their modernity and convenience.

Because of this convenience, serviced apartments are chosen by many foreigners to relieve a lot of pressure and inconvenience in daily life when living in Vietnam. The rental price of serviced apartments in Hanoi will range from $ 1200 to $ 5000 / month.

Whole house

Whole houses in large urban areas in Hanoi are built from 3 to 4 floors and have an independent structure on a plot of land. If you are a single person, you can consider renting a private room in the whole house to save money compared to a serviced apartment.

On the other hand, if you and your family move to Vietnam together, the whole house gives your family a private and comfortable space with extremely affordable rent. The price of renting an apartment will range from $800 to $3000/month.

Whole houses in Vietnam are usually from 3 to 4 floors

However, when renting a fullhouse, you have to pay the fee for electricity, water, garbage, etc. This can be a bit difficult because of language barriers and the lifestyle of each region. Besides, you also need to raise the awareness of protecting your property because this type of housing does not provide asset protection services like an apartment.

However, renting a whole house helps you live closer to the locals. From there, you can experience the most authentic Vietnamese life and quickly blend into the lifestyle and culture of Vietnamese people here.


If you have a large budget and move your whole family to Vietnam, you can consider renting a villa. The attractive point of the villas is the luxurious lifestyle, large garden, private space, and high-class facilities.

The living space in the villa is spacious, suitable for large families

The garden in the villa creates a feeling of coolness and harmony with nature

Typically, the Ciputra villa area in Hanoi is located in an extremely civilized, modern residential area and ensures the safety of foreign families living here. Villa areas in Hanoi often integrate international school systems, high-class healthcare, entertainment areas, restaurants, etc. which serve the most essential aspects of life for foreigners in Vietnam.

Ciputra Hanoi luxury villa area.

Therefore, the villa is always an ideal place to live in Vietnam for expatriate families with a rich budget and a classy lifestyle. The rental price for a villa in Hanoi will be from 3000$/month or more. 

Rental period of houses and apartments 

Depending on the purpose of your visit to Vietnam, you can choose to rent a house in Hanoi  short-term or long-term. In particular, the types of the rental by term have the highlights that you need to know below. 

Short-term apartment rental 

The form of short-term rental is suitable for foreigners who come to Hanoi for tourism, relaxation, or business purposes in a short time. For short-term rentals, you can rent a house in Hanoi for a term of 1 day, 3 months, 6 months, or less than 1 year. The advantage of short-term apartment rental is that you can be in a central location, convenient for commuting to places of work or travel, sightseeing. Normally, foreigners rent short-term apartments in central districts such as Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, and Dong Da. 

Besides, these apartments are always fully equipped, clean and secure like a hotel. What's more, you can freely cook at your place with all the necessary kitchen utensils. Therefore, you can safely stay for a short term and do not have to worry about buying more houseware during your stay.

Long-term rental of houses and apartments

For foreigners oriented to Hanoi to live long-term, renting a house in Hanoi long-term will save you more costs than a short-term lease.

When you rent a house for foreigners to rent 1 year or more, you can negotiate with your landlord 5% to 10% off the cost of your rent or apartment for the whole year. Besides, when you rent a house for foreigners to rent a long time, the landlord will reduce the deposit compared to the regulation (usually foreigners have to deposit up to 2 months' rent).

Moreover, when staying long-term, you will have more choices of housing types with more affordable prices and still ensure full facilities and security at the place of residence.

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