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Top 3 areas with a large Korean community in Hanoi

Currently, the Korean community in Hanoi is quite large. They are mainly directors of Korean corporations, professionals, entrepreneurs, or teachers who come to Vietnam to work and live. Many areas with a large concentration of Koreans have developed facilities to serve Koreans such as restaurants, supermarkets, food streets, and so on. 

The following article of Property Plus will share with you the top 3 areas with a large Korean community in Hanoi. Let's find out which areas are those!

Nam Tu Liem District: The largest Korean community in Hanoi today.

A few features about Nam Tu Liem District. 

Separated from Tu Liem district, Nam Tu Liem district has a long culture and history, bearing many ups and downs of Hanoi’s thousands of years of culture. In recent years, Nam Tu Liem district has had remarkable development, many Korean companies are set up, attracting a lot of Koreans to come here to live and work. As a result, Nam Tu Liem district has become the district with the largest Korean community in Hanoi today.

Nam Tu Liem District is the district with the largest Korean community in Hanoi today

Right here, there are a variety of big projects such as My Dinh National Stadium, Vietnam National Convention Center, Thang Long Avenue, Hanoi Museum, fitness and sports training center, and so on. In particular, My Dinh National Stadium is often chosen to host major sports tournaments and Cultural Exchange events between Vietnam and Korea, making Nam Tu Liem district a bright spot that attracts many Koreans to live here.

My Dinh National Stadium has a capacity of 40,192 seats and is a multi-purpose stadium, used to organize major sports and entertainment events in Vietnam.

Not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, but the Nam Tu Liem district also has a quite diverse culinary culture. In particular, there are many Korean restaurants and eateries here, such as:

  • King BBQ Restaurant - The Garden shopping center, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.
  • Meat Plus No.1 Korean BBQ restaurant - 1st floor, House CC2, Me Tri street, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
  • Buk Buk restaurant - Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2 urban area, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.
  • Korean Restaurant Nhan Duyen in My Dinh urban area, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
  • GoGi House Korean Barbecue restaurant - 108 Nguyen Hoang, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.
  • Papas' Chicken restaurant - B004 The Manor, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
  • Baek Jeong Korean BBQ Restaurant - Do Dinh Thien Street, My Dinh Urban Area, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

GoGi House is a typical Korean barbecue restaurant chain.

Some other facilities for the Korean community in Nam Tu Liem district can be mentioned as:

  • International schools that are taught in Korean: Viet Han Group Kindergarten, Korea Global School, and so on.
  • Korean hospitals and medical centers: Korea medical tourism center, Hong Ngoc - Phuc Truong Minh General Hospital, Phuong Dong General Hospital,...

Regarding the transport system, there are many high-class urban areas here, so the transport system is increasingly upgraded, convenient for moving into the center of the capital as well as neighboring provinces. The arterial roads here include Thang Long Boulevard, Pham Hung, Le Duc Tho, Me Tri, My Dinh, Ton Seven Theories, The Bac Hong - Van Dien railway line, etc...

One of the largest and most modern bus stations in Hanoi
is My Dinh bus station, in Nam Tu Liem district

My Dinh bus station attracts a large number of passengers every day and is the gathering place of many inter-provincial bus routes (Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La, Quang Binh, Da Nang,...). This is also the bus transit point of the city (bus numbers 16, 30, 33, 40, 46,...). 

Office buildings of Korean companies.

The number of Koreans coming to Hanoi to live and work is increasing. In Nam Tu Liem district, a series of large-scale office buildings were erected, fully equipped with amenities, not only attracting many Vietnamese companies and entrepreneurs but also Korean entrepreneurs, such as Keangnam Landmark, Handico Tower,... Therefore, many Koreans choose to settle around this area, forming a Korean community in Hanoi.

Handico Tower office building is located on Pham Hung Street, which has a convenient transportation system and many high-class facilities around it.

Me Tri urban area - An ideal place for Korean intellectuals and the upper class.

Me Tri urban area - The ideal place for Korean high society.

Especially, the Me Tri urban area in Nam Tu Liem district is known as the ideal place for intellectuals and upper-class Koreans. This place is full of villas, and high-end apartments for high-income Koreans. These villas and apartments are located in big urban areas such as The Manor, Keangnam Landmark, Vinhomes Skylake, Vinhomes Green Bay, and so on, chosen by many Korean communities in Hanoi to live in.

  • The Manor apartment is located on Me Tri Street, Nam Tu Liem district, surrounded by arterial roads (Le Quang Dao, Pham Hung, Duong Dinh Nghe, beltway 3,...), priority construction of the city (My Dinh National Stadium, My Dinh bus station, Keangnam building, Hospital 198, Hanoi University of Education,...). There are high-end apartments, villas, and offices designed in European style, integrating many utilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment centers,... bringing superiority and class to the life of foreigners in Hanoi. Around The Manor apartment, there are many Korean shops and restaurants such as Vons Chicken restaurant, Bonjuk restaurant, K-Mart supermarket,...

The Manor apartment with modern design, utilities of international standards will be the perfect choice for the Korean elite

  • Keangnam Landmark was invested in and built by Keangnam Group, South Korea. The project is located on Pham Hung major road, including high-end apartments, and the office, integrating more ideal utilities, bringing a luxurious and classy living space to the Korean community in Hanoi.

Keangnam Landmark luxury apartment built by Keangnam Group, South Korea.

Me Tri urban area also has a lot of shops, supermarkets, cafes,... opened to serve the Korean community in Hanoi. Although the price of services is considered very high, the life here is extremely comfortable and secure in return. 

Me Tri urban area is the place to work and live for many Koreans, there are restaurants, supermarkets, cafes,... serving exclusively to the people of Kimchi country

Korean shops in Me Tri urban area.

Korean supermarket - K-Mart.

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Cau Giay District: Top-quality services and facilities

About Cau Giay district.

Cau Giay district is a relatively large district in Hanoi Capital, famous for many traditional craft villages such as Paper Village, Round Village, Grapefruit Ward,... In recent years, quite a few Koreans have chosen to come to the Cau Giay district to stay, especially in areas such as Golden Land, Rivera Park, Hapulico urban area, Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh urban area, and so on.

Cau Giay District is in the top 3 areas with a large Korean community in Hanoi

Cau Giay district is considered an intersection connecting Bac Tu Liem, Nam Tu Liem, and Ba Dinh districts, so the traffic density on the roads is high. The main roads here include Cau Giay, Ho Tung Mau, Nguyen Van Huyen, Nguyen Phong Sac, Hoang Quoc Viet,... The bus system in the district is also quite crowded: bus route number 49 (My Dinh urban area - Hoan Kiem district), bus route number 34 (My Dinh bus station - Gia Lam bus station), bus route number 07 (Cau Giay to Noi Bai airport),...

Cau Giay district is considered an intersection connecting Bac Tu Liem,
Nam Tu Liem and Ba Dinh districts

International hospitals and clinics in Cau Giay district: Thanh Chan International General Clinic, Thu Cuc International General Hospital, American International Hospital, Viet My International General Hospital, Ky Hung International General Clinic,...

State agencies located in the district: Ministry of Home Affairs, Government Inspectorate, The Supreme People's Procuracy, General Office for Population, General Department of Customs, Registry Department, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, … Entertainment area: Ngoai Giao Doan park, Lotte Center, Thu Le Park, Nghia Tan Ward, To Hieu ward,...

Korean restaurants in the Cau Giay district:

  • Gogi House: There are 3 branches in Cau Giay: 124 Trung Hoa, 103D5A Tran Thai Tong, and 191 To Hieu.
  • Samwon Restaurant - No. SH08 Mac Thai To Street, Yen Hoa.
  • Meat King Barbecue Restaurant - No. 4 Tran Kim Xuyen, Yen Hoa.
  • Yeol Kwang Restaurant - 72 Truong Cong Giai, Dich Vong.
  • Korean Hot Pot Buffet Gangnam Po-cha - 139 Cau Giay Street, Quan Hoa.
  • Nollowa Chicken Restaurant - No. 3, Lot 12A, Trung Yen 6, Trung Hoa.
  • Vons Chicken Restaurant - 126 Trung Hoa, Yen Hoa.

Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh - An urban area that is especially popular with Koreans.

Cau Giay district is also an area with a large Korean community in Hanoi. In particular, Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh area is especially popular with Koreans, chosen as a place to live and work. Apartments in Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh area have a convenient transportation system, many utilities for Koreans, very suitable for Korean culture and needs.

Many Korean shops are easy to find on streets such as Do Quang, Nguyen Thi Thap, Hoang Dao Thuy, and Hoang Ngan.

Some luxury apartments in Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh area that foreign guests often choose such as Home City, Mandarin Garden, Golden Park Tower, Roygent Parks,...

Luxury apartment project Roygent Parks.

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Bac Tu Liem District: Korean Embassy in Vietnam.

About Bac Tu Liem District.

Similar to Nam Tu Liem district, since separating us from Tu Liem district in 2013, Bac Tu Liem district has had many great changes, becoming a new district with great potential for development.

Bac Tu Liem District is one of the districts with a large Korean community in Hanoi

Statistics on historical monuments, and famous landscapes, Bac Tu Liem district has up to 133 relics. Among them, the famous places that attract a lot of tourists to visit are Chem communal house, Dong Ngac ancient communal house, Ky Vu pagoda, Hoa Binh Park, Dong Co temple, Tay Tuu flower village, Dong Ngac competition-examination village,...

Hoa Binh Park is considered one of the symbols of Hanoi.

International schools in Bac Tu Liem district: Newton International Bilingual School, Dongsim Kindergarten, NCE International Kindergarten, Lucita International Kindergarten, Newton Goldmark Primary School, Primary School - Middle School Pascal's office,...

With its position as an important traffic node to go to the center of Hanoi, Bac Tu Liem district also pays great attention to the planning and development of transport infrastructure. Many urban railway projects lead through the district's area such as railway line 02 (Noi Bai - Thuong Dinh), railway line 03 (Son Tay - Nhon - Yen So), and railway line 07 (Me Linh - Ha Dong),... The bus system is also relatively crowded: route number 05 (Linh Dam - Phu Dien), route 07 (Cau Giay - Noi Bai airport), route 29 (Giap Bat bus station - Tan Lap), route 57 (Nam Thang Long - Phu Nghia industrial zone),...

Hanamy Korea supermarket is a familiar place for many
Korean communities in Hanoi

Korean standard restaurant - Sariwon

Korean Embassy is located in the Bac Tu Liem district.

One of the places where there is an ex-pat community in Hanoi is the Bac Tu Liem district. In particular, the number of Koreans accounts for the highest proportion of the total number of foreigners living here. One of the big reasons for this is because the Korean Embassy is located in Ngoai Giao Doan Urban Area, Do Nhuan Street, Bac Tu Liem District. When living and working in this area, the Korean community in Hanoi can contact the embassy for assistance quickly and easily.

Korean Embassy is located in the Bac Tu Liem district.

Apartments where many Koreans live.

Some areas and apartment buildings with many Koreans living in Bac Tu Liem district can be mentioned as Starlake luxury apartment complex, Ciputra apartment building,...

  • Starlake luxury apartment building is located in the Starlake urban area, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem. This is an extremely prime location, the most crowded of the capital, with a convenient transportation system to go into the city center, but still ensures privacy, suitable for the upper class and high-class lifestyle. . The apartments here are designed in Korean standard style, modern and airy. Around the area, there are green spaces, many facilities such as international schools, commercial centers, restaurants, hospitals, Ngoai Giao Doan area,... Therefore, the high-class apartments here are very popular with people. Korean favorite.

Starlake luxury apartment is designed in Korean standard style, which is preferred by Korean people

  • Ciputra apartment complex includes luxury apartments located in Ciputra Nam Thang Long urban area. The apartment buildings here are fully equipped with facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, entertainment area, restaurant, convenience store, basement for parking,... many international schools such as United Nations International School, Hanoi Academy, ... and many restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, ... serve residents here.

Ciputra urban area is one of the places chosen by many Koreans
as a place to live and work

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If you are a Korean coming to Vietnam for the first time to live and work, consider choosing the areas with Korean communities in Hanoi mentioned above! Because these are areas with full facilities, and convenient transportation, especially where many Korean compatriots live.

Above is the entire sharing of Property Plus about the top 3 areas with a large Korean community in Hanoi. Hope to help you have more suggestions when starting life in Hanoi. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact Property Plus!