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The journey of lychee

When the howling birds signaled the ripe lychee season, Property Plus staff and employees were excited to go to harvest litchi in the land of Thanh Ha, Hai Duong. This activity is part of a series of annual events that we organize to thank our customers for their trust and companionship during the past time.

Property Plus was established with the mission of providing customers with the most comfort, peace of mind, and relaxation. We are always proud of high-quality products that suit customer tastes and professional and dedicated service. With the desire to bring satisfaction from the most everyday things, the idea of ​​​​harvesting litchi and sending it to customers received a response from all staff and employees of the company. Each red lychee will light the fire of hospitality and spread from heart to heart.

It was a beautiful June morning after the rush pouring rain of the northern summer. The rain created a fresh atmosphere after hot sunny days and encouraged the spirit of Property Plus officers and employees. Had set off early in the morning, we crossed more than 70km to come to Thanh Ha - the land of lychee. Accumulated by alluvium from huge rivers, the soil here has contributed to the crystallization of ripe red litchi, sweet berries, ready to satisfy the taste buds both visually and in taste. It's also why we don't mind driving a great distance to go there and harvest it with our own hands. The bunches of ripe lychee are carefully brought down from the tree by the staff, bundled into clusters to fit. Seven quintals of lychee were loaded box by box onto the truck and returned to Hanoi with us. The succulent lychees are carefully selected, labeled, and delivered to customers carrying a message of dedication that the entire company has worked so hard to build. Although the delivery process to customers has a bit of difficulty due to the contact limitations, we still strictly comply with the 5K regulations and are happy to do our best.

The Covid-19 pandemic is seriously affecting all aspects of life. In this situation, our activity is both an act of gratitude to customers who have been supporting us, and a message for customers to feel secure in using Property Plus' services. We believe that our concerns about the feelings of our customers today will be the story that follows the journey of living and working in the new land forever.