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Submit a residence permit for Japanese in Vietnam in 3 months or more

Submitting a residence permit to the Japanese embassy or consulate general in the host country where the Japanese have resided for more than 3 months is a mandatory obligation prescribed in Article 16 of the Immigration Law.  

I. Why do I need to submit a residence permit? 

When the Japanese submit the residence permit, the embassy will know the basic information about you. In the event of an incident, flood, fire, etc., the embassy will promptly contact you to confirm the safety and provide the necessary assistance. If you do not submit a residence permit, it will be difficult for the embassy to notify you of important information and contact to assist you in cases of emergency. Residence notice is also necessary when you want to do formalities and procedures such as registering to vote while abroad or notarizing and certifying documents required by the host country's administrative authorities.

II. How to apply for a residence permit?  

There are usually 2 ways to apply for a residence permit  

Option 1: Submit via internet

You just need to follow the instructions and complete the information in the 'Electronic Residency Notice (ORRnet)' on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Web Link: https://www.ezairyu.mofa.go.jp In addition to the residence notice, you can also fill in information about the change of residence address in the host country or change the registered information, update information to your home country.  

Option 2: Submit directly at the embassy or send by fax, post, ..You can get the residence application form at the passport-related window at the embassy, ​​or download the Application form at the link below. After filling in all the information, you can submit it directly at the embassy or send it to the embassy by post or fax. Those who have submitted residence notices by these methods will be required to submit documents on change of registration content, relocation, etc in the same way. In addition, in case of handwriting, please write carefully and clearly; and when the content sent by fax is not clear, the embassy will need to confirm the information.

III. Address to submit notice of residence  

Embassy of Japan in Vietnam   

Address: 27 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh District   

Phone: 024-3846 3000 (Representative)   

FAX: 024-3846-3046  

* If you live in the southern provinces of Dak Lak and Phu Yen, you will have to apply at the Consulate General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City.