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Property Plus gave an interview on the TV show "Wise Money" broadcast on VTV2 channel

The service apartment model is a very popular and high proportion of real estate worldwide, but this type is pretty new in Vietnam. However, the number of foreigners who come to Vietnam every year to learn about the market and do other jobs grows by an average of 8-10%, and especially the relocation of factories and workshops into Vietnam of large enterprises in the world brings a series of foreign workers and experts, from which the housing demand for these people is high. As a result, serviced apartments are supposed to be an attractive market.

The type of serviced apartment for rent is similar to a hotel and homestay, however, there are many extra free services attached to the flat like apartment cleaning, laundry, swimming pool, gym, other services, and surrounding facilities. It makes tenants feel like in their own house. They can cook and add more people to share the cost. Customers can save 30-40% of rent compared to hotels of the same standard. Therefore, many foreign experts have chosen serviced apartments for rent.

To increase the attractiveness of the apartment project for rent, many landlords have actively posted listings for rent on websites, however, it is not easy for foreign customers as well as tenants who can hardly find what they want. Tenants need to learn carefully about the state of the apartment through reputable professional service companies in the market.

To minimize the risk of renting a house, tenants should get help from friends and neighbors. In the era of technology development, customers can look to real estate floors and reputable service companies in addition to traditional channels.

"The information about the apartment is obvious and complete. Property Plus has 360-degree technology, in which customers can walk around the apartment just like a tenant is walking around the apartment to see the room layout, the furniture of the apartment. And when customers are interested in more details, they can contact the Sales Department to be provided with more details about the list of furniture, conditions in the rental price and accompanying services" - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Property Plus shared.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, as of October 2020, 111 countries and territories were investing in Vietnam in over 60 cities and provinces such as Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. They are all countries with many investment projects in Vietnam. Because of the strong investment from abroad, a large number of employees, entrepreneurs, and experts have moved to big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. It has led to a great demand in the market of serviced apartments for rent in big cities. Hopefully, this is a good sign for the real estate investment industry in the current context.