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Procedures for application for entry in Hanoi for foreign expert in the period of Covid-19

Due to the Covid pandemic situation, businesses in Hanoi face many difficulties obtaining entry documents for foreign experts to work at the company.

I - How is the process of receiving and processing immigration applications for foreign workers entering Hanoi?

According to the latest Notice No. 4275/TB-SLDTBXH dated July 22, 2021, of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi, businesses do the following:

1. Prepare complete entry documents, entry requests and send a scanned copy to email: hsnhapcanh@gmail.com until further notice.

2. When it's time to return results, contact phone number 0243.7732431 or 0243.7730810 before coming to receive results.

3. After receiving the written approval of entry for foreign workers to work in Hanoi from the City's Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, the enterprises actively contacted the Immigration Department – The Ministry of Public Security for guidance on entry procedures and the Department of Health, District People's Committees, and concentrated isolation facilities for instructions on implementing isolation according to regulations.

II - What is the list of documents requested for entry?

1. Written request (made according to the form attached to Notice No. 4275/TB-SLDRBXH dated 22/07/2021 of Hanoi Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs) (original)

2. List of foreign workers expected to enter the country (according to form No. 01)

3. Business license or operation license of the unit licensed to operate in Hanoi city (certified copy)

4. The isolation plan of the foreign worker, which must clearly state the entry route, the name of the isolation hotel, and the transportation plan (original)

5. Hotel booking confirmation (photocopy)

6. International health insurance (translation) or commitment of the enterprise to be responsible for paying expenses if foreign workers contract Covid-19 (original)

7. Passport still valid as prescribed (photocopy)

8. Valid work permit, certificate of not being eligible for a work permit (certified copy)


- The above documents of foreign countries must be consular legalized (except for cases exempted from consular legalization according to regulations), translated into Vietnamese, and authenticated according to rules.

- For cases not subject to work permit issuance: the enterprises must have probative evidence that foreigners are investors, experts, workmanships (technical workers) or business managers, and working at units/companies; with documents proving that the employee is not eligible for a work permit as prescribed in Decree 152/2020/ND-CP dated December 30, 2020, of the Government.