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How to find apartments in Hanoi for foreigners

Finding an apartment for rent in Hanoi is quite complicated and takes a long time, requiring tenants to research and learn to be able to rent a satisfactory apartment. The following article of Property Plus will show you how to find apartments  in Hanoi to save time and money. Let's find out together!

How to find apartments in Hanoi for foreigners

How to find the ideal apartment for rent in Hanoi for foreigners

Step 1: Make a list of requirements for the apartment to rent

If you embark on an apartment search without knowing exactly what you need, this will only cost you time and effort. According to Property Plus' experience on how to find apartments in Hanoi, to make things easier, you should make a list of requirements for the apartment to rent.

  • How much budget can you spend to pay for renting an apartment?  Normally, the cost of renting an apartment should not exceed 30% of monthly income. For example, if your monthly income is $3,000, you should spend about $900 to rent an apartment. Determining your expected budget before you start your search will help you choose the right type of apartment, price point, and area.

Calculating the budget you can spend to rent an apartment will help you consider the type of apartment,

the price, as well as the area that suits your budget.

  • The location of the apartment near which areas? Do you want to be near your work or another specific area? Location is one of the factors that have a great influence on the decision to rent an apartment. You need to determine if the location of the apartment needs to be convenient to move to, for example, companies, supermarkets, schools, hospitals or areas where many compatriots live,...
  • What type of apartment do you want to rent?  In Hanoi today, there are many different types of apartments for rent, each with its own characteristics. You should determine if you are looking for an apartment, studio or serviced apartment.
  • Do you want a fully furnished apartment? If you have a need to rent an apartment in Hanoi that is comfortable, brings a comfortable life and can move in immediately without buying any more household appliances, you should rent an apartment with full furniture to meet your daily living needs.
  • Do you need to use utility services? For example, laundry, housekeeping, swimming pool, gym,...
  • What is your main means of transportation?  The means of transport that you will use to move will be motorbikes, cars or buses? Depending on the type of vehicle, you choose a rental location with appropriate transport infrastructure.

Step 2: Search for a suitable apartment

After you have a list of the requirements and needs of the rental apartment, you can start looking for the right accommodation. Currently, there are many methods for you to find out information about apartments for rent in Hanoi, such as:

  • Ask friends and family to recommend:   If you have friends and family living in Hanoi, you can ask them to recommend some ideal apartments for rent. This will be a great and reputable source of information for you.
  • Look up apartment information on the Internet: Internet is always the first choice for those who want to search for apartments in Hanoi. There is a huge resource here, just a few simple steps and you can get hundreds of results including websites specializing in apartment rental. From these sites, you can filter for apartments that meet your criteria, along with photos and videos of the apartments.

You can visit the website https://propertyplus.com.vn to search for serviced apartments and luxury apartments for foreigners

  • Search for information on social networks: Social channels, typically Facebook, are also one of the effective methods for you to search for apartments in Hanoi. If you have some Vietnamese friends or friends living in Hanoi, you can ask them for advice. They can give you some advice on safe areas, reference apartments, prices,... If not, you can visit the pages and groups of apartments for rent in Hanoi to find out more. Update information on the best apartments for foreigners!
  • Contact reputable real estate rental companies: To make the search easier and faster, look for reputable apartment rental service providers in Hanoi. Here, you can get advice and assistance in finding the right apartment for your needs and budget.

Step 3: Meet the owner of the apartment to discuss directly

After choosing about 04 to 05 apartments that can suit your needs, take the time to come see the apartment and talk directly with the landlord to choose the most satisfactory apartment.

When you come to see the apartment, please check everything carefully for issues such as: whether the apartment is in accordance with the description and pictures provided by the landlord, whether the electricity and water systems are working properly, Are the walls of the house cracked or leaking, can the main doors and windows be closed tightly, is there any problem with the shower, the water heater in the bathroom, etc. In case you rent an apartment with furniture, Don't forget to check out these gadgets too! If there is any damage, you can ask the landlord to repair it before proceeding with the rental.


Check the apartment carefully before renting

You also need to ask the landlord about other fees besides the monthly rent such as electricity, water, Internet, housekeeping, parking, management, etc. This helps you to estimate the total amount to be spent in a month (including apartment rent, monthly living expenses and other bills), make sure you can afford it and have savings.

In addition, you should also ask the landlord a few issues related to the apartment rental contract such as: When do you have to pay the rent (at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month), what payment methods are there for you to choose? choose, how much is the apartment deposit and when will you get it refunded, how many days in advance if you want to terminate the contract before the deadline,...

After you have finished looking at the apartments on the list, you should take the time to think and choose the apartment that is most suitable for you. In case you don't really like any of the apartments on that list, go check out the other apartments to make sure that the one you choose is the best one for you.

Step 4: Negotiate

This is the most difficult step in the process of finding an apartment for rent in Hanoi, especially when you are a foreigner. Usually, apartment owners will quote a price higher than the actual rental value. Therefore, you should meet and chat with the inhabitants of that area. If you have a good attitude, they can give you advice or give you information that the landlord would never tell you.

In case the apartment owner quotes too high compared to the people around to tell you, offer to negotiate the price! You should focus on the factors you are not really satisfied with, for example, the room has no balcony, the location is quite far from your workplace, there is no parking lot, the service fee is too high, ... and offer the right price (the price you hear from people around). Note that, do not let the landlord know you intend to rent no matter how great it is and should negotiate with an open, relaxed attitude.

If everything is clear, you are satisfied with the apartment and the rent, move on to the final step!

Step 5: Sign the contract

Before signing the contract, you need to check and carefully review the apartment rental contract to ensure your rights and avoid unnecessary disputes later. The rental contract must contain all important contents such as information of the lessor and the lessee, information about the apartment and rental rate, the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and requirements for contract termination. If you have any questions or feel that something is not right, do not hesitate to ask the landlord for clarification!

>>> Refer to more information about "Notes on apartment rental contracts to ensure benefits".


Some notes when looking for apartments for rent in Hanoi

Prepare to search about 60 days before renting

You should start looking for an apartment to rent 30 to 60 days before you need to move to a new place. Thus, you will have enough time to search and see many apartments that match your needs. In case you are renting an apartment but your lease is about to expire or you feel it is not suitable and need to move out, these 60 days will give you enough time to send notice to the landlord, make repairs required in order to receive the full deposit back.

Contract period

Usually, the lessee has a fairly simple thought about the length of the contract. However, this content also needs to be considered, agreed and clarified between the parties before signing the contract, including: the lease term will be calculated in months or years, the starting date is calculated from which date. , can the contract be extended, how many renewals, can unilaterally terminate the contract ahead of time,...

Beware of frauds

Currently, there are many objects and organizations that commit fraud in the process of renting apartments. Some scams that you may encounter such as crooks pretending to be the owner of the apartment and asking you to pay a deposit immediately, when you receive the money, cut off contact and leave, when exchanging information, the owner apartments offer low rental rates but charge higher prices when signing leases, use false advertising images,... You need to be on high alert to avoid losses not worth having, affecting the search for apartments.

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