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Foreign workers exempt from working permits

Decree no. 152/2020/ND-CP issued by The Government on 30/12/2020 regulations on foreign workers working in Vietnam and recruitment and management of Vietnamese workers working for foreign employers in Vietnam as follow:


 Article 7. Foreign workers exempt from work permits

Without regard to the cases in clauses 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Article 154 of the Labor Code , a foreign worker is exempt from a work permit if:

1. He/she is the owner or capital contributor of a limited liability company with a capital contribution value of at least 3 billion dong.

2. He/she is the Chairperson or a member of the Board of Directors of a joint-stock company with a capital contribution value of at least 3 billion dong. <0}

3. He/she is an intra-company transferee within 11 sectors in the schedule of commitments in services between Vietnam and WTO, including: business services, communication services, construction services, distribution services, educational services, environmental services, financial services, health services, tourism services, recreational and cultural services, and transport services.

4. He/she enters Vietnam to provide professional and engineering consulting services or perform other tasks intended for research, formulation, appraisal, supervision, evaluation, management and execution of programs and projects using official development assistance (ODA) in accordance with regulations or agreement in international treaties on ODA signed between the competent authorities of Vietnam and foreign countries.

5. He/she is granted a communication and journalism practicing certificate in Vietnam by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per the law.

6. He/she is sent by a foreign competent authority or organization to Vietnam to teach and study at an international school under management of a foreign diplomatic mission or the United Nations; or of a facility established under an agreement to which Vietnam is a signatory.

7. He/she is a volunteer as specified in clause 2 Article 3 of this Decree.

8. He/she enters Vietnam to hold the position of a manager, executive, expert or technical worker for a period of work of less than 30 days and up to 3 times a year.

9. He/she enters Vietnam to implement an international agreement to which a central or provincial authority is a signatory as per the law

10. He/she is a student studying at a foreign school or training institution which has a probation agreement with an agency, organization or enterprise in Vietnam; or a probationer or apprentice on a Vietnam sea-going ship.

11. He/she is a relative of a member of foreign representative body in Vietnam as specified in point l clause 1 Article 2 hereof.

12. He/she obtains an official passport to work for a regulatory agency, political organization, or socio-political organization.

13. He/she takes charge of establishing a commercial presence.

14. He/she is certified by the Ministry of Education and Training as a foreign worker entering Vietnam for teaching and research purpose.

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