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6 Tips foreigners should know when looking for an apartment for rent in Hanoi

Recently the demand for foreigners to work and settle in Vietnam is increasing rapidly. Hanoi is always a place that attracts many foreigners to live because of many outstanding job opportunities and utilities. Therefore, the demand for renting apartments in Hanoi is also increasing. It can be affirmed that the apartment rental market in Hanoi will give you a variety of different choices. However, to make the best decision, there are 6 useful tips you should know when looking for an apartment for rent in Hanoi!

Determine the amount you can afford

Most foreigners who want to rent an apartment in Hanoi are interested in the price of a utility apartment. The first thing you need to do is determine your ability to pay. Many people set a goal that the cost of housing should not exceed 30% of your monthly income. For example, if your monthly salary is $2,000, you should only spend around $600 on rent.

Determine the amount you can afford when renting apartments in Hanoi

Foreigners living in Hanoi have many different types of people with economic conditions and spending limits. The rental price of Hanoi apartments (fully furnished or unfurnished) may fluctuate as follows:

• For high-class serviced apartments in Hanoi: The rent ranges from $1,200 - $5,000/month.

• For a regularly serviced apartment in Hanoi: The rental price ranges from $300 - $1,200/month.

• For apartments: Rental rates range from $300 to $4,000/month.

• For villas: From 3000$/month.

Depending on your pocket to choose the right type of apartment for rent

Once you have determined your ability to pay, you will choose the most suitable type of rental apartment in the area you want to go to rent. So, take the time to consider your budget before you start looking for an apartment for rent in Hanoi that fits your budget!

Find an apartment in a convenient location

For those who are not fluent in Vietnamese, moving to Hanoi will be extremely difficult and challenging. According to an apartment rental expert from Property Plus, there are currently thousands of foreigners living in Vietnam, of which the Hanoi area accounts for 45%. Besides central districts like Hoan Kiem district, foreigners are also gradually moving to the East and North of Hanoi, Ba Dinh district, Tay Ho district, Cau Giay district, Nam Tu Liem district, etc. Specifically, Nam Tu Liem district is the main living area of ​​Japanese, Korean, and Westerners often choose Tay Ho district. Specifically, Japanese customers tend to rent apartments in the Ba Dinh district, while Korean guests often focus on the Cau Giay district.

Apartment projects in Nam Tu Liem and Tay Ho districts are also very diverse in budgets and services to suit a wide range of guests staying in different countries. The number of foreigners concentrated in these areas is increasing day by day, so the services provided are also more diversified and of high quality, bringing more choices of utilities.

Choose to rent an apartment in Hanoi in a convenient location for commuting

The location of the apartment will play a very important role in your life as it affects your convenience on the way to work. The best choice is probably an apartment close to the workplace. However, this is not always the best solution as apartment rental prices in these areas are often very high. Moreover, if you choose to rent an apartment in the city center area, turning off the road and traffic jam is inevitable.

On the other hand, an apartment outside the urban area is a better choice. You can refer to apartments in urban areas, such as Vinhomes Metropolis, Vinhome Time City, Vincom Royal City, Indochina Plaza, Ciputra, etc. All outstanding utilities are integrated into the urban area that is very convenient for foreigners to live, work as well as travel.

Choose a safe place to live

Besides the utilities that you are interested in when renting an apartment in Hanoi, safety and security in the living area are also a top priority. Because when we ensure our safety, we can safely enjoy the convenience and comfort of our place.

The place to live needs to ensure the safety and security of the area

On the other hand, when living in a foreign country, you will certainly feel and face many difficulties because the customs and habits in Vietnam are completely different from your own country. Therefore, you should choose areas with many compatriots so that you can quickly integrate into the living environment in Vietnam. Of course, these places will have services that match your local traditions and may be linguistically congruent. This will also give you more peace of mind when living in a foreign country.

Contact a reputable serviced apartment rental company

Foreigners who come to work and settle in Vietnam will certainly not have experience in choosing an apartment for rent in Hanoi to suit their needs. Therefore, to save time and money while finding the best place to stay, you should look to reputable apartment rental services. Property Plus is a top suggestion for you.

Property Plus is one of the leading units in the field of consulting, management, and rental apartments, high-class serviced apartments for foreigners in Hanoi. With more than 11 years of experience in the field of management consulting and leasing of apartments and high-class serviced apartments for foreigners, Property Plus is confident to bring foreign guests the best apartments at reasonable prices.

Kết nối với Property Plus để tìm kiếm bất động sản phù hợp tại Hà Nội

Currently, Property Plus manages a network of apartments covering Hanoi with types and different rental rates. All needs of foreign customers about renting Hanoi serviced-apartment or villas are supported and responded to quickly by us.

Property Plus always carefully learns about the culture of customers from many countries. Along with that is the quality of service according to 5-star standards. All of these contribute to helping customers find a suitable place to live according to economic conditions and the needs of different customer groups. Please contact Property Plus for the best support when you need to rent an apartment in Hanoi!

Check the house before signing the lease

Before signing the rental agreement, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with the apartment, including its geographical location, and accept any agreement between you and the owner. Besides, you need to directly inspect the apartment for both interior and exterior. By no exception, the previous tenants have caused damage or have some maintenance problems. Please ensure that you will not be liable for any loss if it is not your fault. 

Check the apartment carefully before signing the contract to avoid unnecessary compensation

Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the lease

When you go to a real estate broker or consultant, you will have a draft of the rental contract. The agreements in the contract on renting an apartment in Hanoi will vary depending on the time frame and the terms of the contract are as follows:

You will sign a short-term rental agreement if you often move from month to month. However, short-term apartment rental rates can be more expensive than long-term rentals. Moreover, the owner also has the right to increase the rental price of the apartment at any time. In addition, you need to notify the head of household at least 30 days before terminating the contract. A recurring apartment rental is best suited when you need a place to live for a short time.

Carefully read the terms agreed in the contract before signing the apartment rental contract

A long-term rental contract will be signed when you and the house owner agree to rent the house for a specific period such as 6 months, 12 months, or even 2 years. If during the valid contract period, you move to another place, you will lose your deposit or bear the compensation fee as agreed in the contract. Therefore, before deciding to sign a long-term apartment rental contract, you should thoroughly understand all issues related to the apartment and contingencies.

Above are 6 golden experiences that foreigners need to pay attention to when looking for an apartment for rent in Hanoi. Let's accompany Property Plus to help you find the best place to stay in Hanoi!