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Top 10 most crowded Japanese restaurants in Hanoi

Japanese restaurants in Hanoi were opened in turn with the architecture and taste of each dish imbued with Japanese indigenous identity. You can easily find a little "Japanese taste" and feel very familiar and warm in the heart of Vietnam in Japanese streets. Let's immediately refer to the top 10 Japanese restaurants in Hanoi in the following article!

1. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Tomita Bento

Tomita Bento restaurant imbued with Japanese identity is located in Ciputra residential area, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi. This Japanese restaurant in Hanoi is highly appreciated for food safety and hygiene. High-quality ingredients are imported directly from Tomita Mart supermarket, and at the same time are tested very strictly on Japanese food safety and hygiene standards. The restaurant always ensures to bring diners the freshest dishes with the most Japanese flavor.

Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Tomita Bento has the advantage of ordering food instead of buffet like some other Japanese and Korean style restaurants. Some of the dishes that make this restaurant famous in the hearts of diners can be mentioned such as cod, grilled chicken with Teriyaki sauce, salad, American beef ribs, premium Wagyu beef ribs, Shabu hot pot and especially eel Bento rice Japanese standard.

The space of the restaurant is cozy and decorated with Japanese-style deep wood tones. The staff is well-trained and fluent in Japanese, ready to assist you in any matter when enjoying the food at the restaurant.

This promises to be a place where you can rediscover the taste of your native Japan when working and living in Vietnam.

Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Tomita Bento

Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Tomita Bento

2. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Hatoyama

When it comes to famous Japanese restaurants in Hanoi, the name Hatoyama cannot be ignored. Extremely special dishes, distilled from the most quintessential things, are made by the skillful hands of chef Kyo Nguyen - who served former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama and received his satisfaction.

With the positioning of the middle-class segment, the restaurant always makes constant efforts to bring domestic and foreign diners standard Japanese dishes with the most professional and enthusiastic service style. Currently, Hatoyama has 3 branches in Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Hoan Kiem districts, and especially in Nhat Trung Hoa street, Cau Giay district.

Entering the restaurant, you seem to be lost in a quiet miniature Japanese town in the heart of applicable Hanoi. Pictures of peach blossoms and Mount Fuji are delicately arranged in many corners of the restaurant, allowing you to save memories anywhere. The restaurant uses light wood tones as the main theme, with an unmistakable Japanese style.

The dishes at the new restaurant are the key to deciding the position of the restaurant in the hearts of diners. The food at Hatoyama restaurant is carefully selected and completely fresh from the Tsukiji market, Hokkaido sea, and transported to Vietnam by plane. Seafood such as Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish Mekajiki, Japanese Clams, Hotate Scallops, Japanese Tuna, etc. No preservative drugs are applied during transportation and are processed according to strict Japanese standards before being delivered to customers.

Please quickly list Japanese restaurants in Hanoi Hatoyama to the list of restaurants to go to right now!

Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Hatoyama

Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Hatoyama

3. Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Takumi

Another Japanese restaurant in Hanoi that you cannot ignore because of its delicately designed space, attentive service and especially fresh and delicious Japanese dishes.

The ingredients to make the dishes before serving to customers are imported directly from the leading prestigious suppliers in Japan such as Hida beef in Gifu, black beef, Kobe beef, Nagoya chicken, soap Nagano spleen, Aomori apple. Besides, there are also fresh seafood from Tsukiji Tokyo. All are combined together and form a menu of more than 300 different Japanese dishes that are extremely special.

Besides, the menu of dishes at Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Takumi is renewed daily, bringing an interesting feeling to diners.

Especially, when you register as a Takumi member card, you will receive special offers and surprise gifts on your birthday, wedding anniversary,...

You can go to one of the two main branches of this Japanese restaurant in Hanoi at Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Linh Lang in Ba Dinh District.

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

4. Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Nhan Sushi

Nhan Sushi Hanoi is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Hanoi. Although it is a young brand, Nhan Sushi has quickly won the trust and love of domestic and foreign customers. In particular, Japanese diners who come to eat at Nhan Sushi restaurant always leave many positive reviews and express that the cooking method and taste here are quite similar to their hometown.

Unlike other Japanese restaurants, Nhan Sushi arranges the restaurant space in a modern, luxurious and sophisticated style. Koi aquarium, Japanese-style architecture with the main material being wood, is an unmistakable feature.

In particular, Nhan Sushi also designed an open sashimi processing counter, serving similar to sashimi restaurants in Japan, giving you a familiar and cozy feeling like being in your hometown.

The ingredients that make up the dishes at Nhan Sushi are always imported directly from Japan every day, not marinated with preservatives, to keep the freshness and purity of the dish like it has just been exploited.

In addition to the quality of the dishes, coming to Nhan Sushi, you will also admire the skillful knife and processing techniques of chef Nhan and Japanese chef Nakamura.

Nhan Sushi's Japanese restaurants in Hanoi are now present at many locations in Hanoi such as Trieu Viet Vuong - Hai Ba Trung District, Nguyen Thi Dinh - Thanh Xuan District (located in the famous Japanese Quarter) and Kim Ma - Ba Dinh.

What are you waiting for without quickly listing Nhan Sushi on the list of Japanese restaurants in Hanoi right now?

Fresh sashimi processing counter right inside Nhan Sushi restaurant

Fresh sashimi processing counter right inside Nhan Sushi restaurant

5. Wa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

If you want to find something new at Japanese restaurants in Hanoi, Wa Japanese Cuisine is a great choice. The biggest difference and attracting diners to Wa Japanese Cuisine is paper hotpot - a long-standing culinary culture of the Japanese.

The restaurant's architectural style is a combination of modern and ancient Japanese features, the space is arranged with a pleasant pink light system, giving diners a cozy and familiar feeling like being lost in a restaurant. The land of Phu Tang is in the heart of Hanoi.

The Japanese always focus on the freshness and purity of ingredients, so the dishes here are seasoned with very little spice and do not prioritize grease. Each dish is neatly arranged, beautifully served with a special paper hot pot.

You will never be disappointed when coming to Wa Japanese Cuisine with friends and partners on weekends thanks to the unique but equally familiar taste. Paper hotpot at the restaurant is very popular thanks to the harmonious combination of yin-yang elements, giving diners a balance of energy and spirit when enjoying the food.

Especially, when coming to the Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Wa Japanese Cuisine, you should not miss the Japanese standard sake! The sweet, pure, gentle flavor will make you linger forever.

If you are in the area of ​​Tran Phu, Dien Bien, Ba Dinh district, do not hesitate to visit the restaurant to find the Japanese standard taste in the foreign land right now!

Wa Japanese Cuisine Japanese Restaurant

Wa Japanese Cuisine Japanese Restaurant

6. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Yakiniku Sakura

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi that has both grilled dishes and standard hotpot, don't miss Yakiniku Sakura! Many domestic and foreign diners highly appreciate the taste of grilled dishes and hot pot here. Grilled meat is marinated with very little spice, helping the dish always keep its original fresh taste. Fresh sashimi is expertly handled, soft, without leaving any fishy taste. Here, you can enjoy salmon sashimi, Tataki beef, Australian beef with premium quality. In addition, many diners also appreciate the salads and beef tongues here.

Besides the special features of the dishes, the restaurant space also gives you many surprises. Each dining table is arranged privately with a very good exhaust system, giving you a cozy and comfortable feeling at home.

Plan this weekend with your friends, colleagues, or small family at Yakiniku Sakura!

Yakiniku Sakura

Yakiniku Sakura

7. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Nagisa

Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Nagisa is also one of the familiar addresses of Vietnamese and Japanese diners. The restaurant has received many positive reviews from customers who have experienced the service attitude, the layout of the dishes, the fresh taste, and the architectural style. You will never be disappointed when you visit Nagisa restaurant every weekend with friends and colleagues with glasses of Japanese standard sake.

Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Nagisa

Japanese Restaurants in Hanoi - Nagisa

8. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Shinbashi

Located in the busiest residential area in Hanoi, Shinbashi Japanese restaurant stands out with the main materials being wood, stone, water, green grass, white gravel - typical of the country of "cherry blossom country". The space inside the restaurant is very cozy with the main wood tone and the yellow color from the lighting system. Everything seems to bring you into Japan in the blink of an eye.

The food here is rated quite delicious and suitable for the price, fresh ingredients are always carefully selected. Side dishes such as fresh, crispy and sweet vegetable salad, fish and egg tempura are also preferred by many diners.

Hanoi Shinbashi Japanese Restaurant

Hanoi Shinbashi Japanese Restaurant

9. Japanese restaurant in Hanoi - Hashiya

Coming to a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Hashiya - you will be taken from surprise to surprise with the style of service, quality of food, space, and standard Japanese architecture.

The dishes at Hashiya specialize in pure cuisine with famous traditional dishes imbued with Japanese cultural identity such as Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, sushi, sashimi, tempura, salad. Besides, there are also grilled dishes, Japanese hot pots with pure flavor with little spice, to highlight the fresh taste of each imported ingredient.

These dishes promise to "seduce" even the most fastidious diners.

Among them can be mentioned a sushi set that awakens the senses with pieces of fresh seafood cut into thin slices, served with soy sauce, soy sauce, mustard, ginger, and perilla leaves. In addition, do not forget to enjoy beef, fish, shrimp, tuna with soy sauce, and mustard, providing a wonderful "explosion" of flavor.

In particular, Hashiya is also famous for Wagyu beef imported directly from Japanese beef farms. Each fiber is soft, succulent, spreading an extremely attractive aroma when grilled on the stove with garlic, rosemary, and a little spice.

You can also order more bottles of Japanese-flavored wine to sip with friends and enhance the extremely special flavor of the dishes at Hashiya - a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi.

Hanoi Hashiya Japanese Restaurant - Japanese restaurant in Hanoi

Hanoi Hashiya Japanese Restaurant - Japanese restaurant in Hanoi

10. Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

Famous for traditional Japanese dishes, the Japanese restaurant in Hanoi Kiraku has made a big impression in the hearts of domestic and foreign customers. The dishes at Kiraku always focus on fresh dishes with the purest taste, so there is very little spice. This is also a unique culinary culture of the Japanese that cannot be confused. Fresh sashimi set includes many varieties such as salmon, octopus, shrimp, salmon roe imported directly from Japan, helping to keep the fresh taste without using any preservatives. After enjoying the sashimi set as an appetizer, you can "explode" your senses with Ramen, Udon, salad, etc. Kiraku's space is also a very special highlight with the deep color of wood but not dark and cramped thanks to the cozy lighting system.

Let's temporarily put aside the hustle and bustle of daily work and worries, and immediately invite your friends, colleagues, and small family to Kiraku to enjoy authentic Japanese dishes!

The ideal place to stay for tourists in Hanoi

Above are some Japanese restaurants in Hanoi that are rated as the most standard that when living and traveling in Hanoi cannot be ignored. However, in addition to the problem of choosing a restaurant to eat, finding a comfortable and high-class accommodation to serve the needs of living and staying when traveling or working in Vietnam is a challenge. important thing that you need to pay attention to.

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Vinhomes Metropolis is the project that receives the most attention from visitors when contacting Property Plus

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This also promises to be a great place to stay for you when visiting and living in Vietnam. The Five Residences Hanoi is located near the Japanese quarter and is very convenient to travel to Japanese restaurants in Hanoi by bicycle, motorbike, taxi or bus. The serviced apartments at The Five Residences Hanoi are designed with an open architecture, making the most of natural light, giving you an extremely airy living space. The interior is modern, minimalist, prioritizing convenience and smart devices.

The Five Residences Hanoi

The Five Residences Hanoi

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Apartment for rent in The Lancaster

Apartment for rent in The Lancaster

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Above is all information about Japanese restaurants in Hanoi that you should try when coming to Vietnam to visit and live. These restaurants are rated very positively in all aspects from Vietnamese, Japanese to international diners, so you can rest assured when deciding to experience them. Besides, if you need to find apartment rental services in Ba Dinh or apartments for rent in Tay Ho and other districts, please contact Property Plus immediately via hotline 08 5666 2566 for advice. The most detailed question!