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Is It Safe To Travel To Vietnam Now?

“Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?” It's a matter of great concern. Since the outbreak in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives, many plans have been canceled due to the epidemic, including travel. Until now, when the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic was almost under control, tourism also gradually recovered and opened.

Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?

Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?

So, is it safe to travel in Vietnam now? Can foreigners come to Vietnam to visit and relax? Find out more information through the article below!

What is the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam? Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019 or Corona Virus) is the name of an acute respiratory infection caused by Corona virus (nCoV), which broke out at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, then spread to many countries. countries and territories around the world. On April 1, 2020, Vietnam officially announced the COVID-19 epidemic as a group A infectious disease across the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic lasted for nearly 2 years, causing a lot of economic and social losses, as well as human health and life. Therefore, properly assessing the situation and taking measures to prevent, control and reverse the disease, and promote vaccination against COVID-19 is an urgent issue.

Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?

With the situation of COVID-19 epidemic, is it safe to travel in Vietnam now? On October 9, 2021, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control announced that the epidemic situation in Vietnam was basically under control, the number of new infections and deaths had significantly decreased. Since then, the work of easing social distancing, restoring and developing the economy in the "new normal" state has been carried out. So is it safe to travel to Vietnam now? Vietnam is gradually opening up, not only welcoming domestic tourists, some key tourist areas have begun to pilot foreign tourists to visit Vietnam. Although the disease has been controlled on a national scale, the government and people have always raised their vigilance, especially for the Omicron variant, not being subjective in epidemic prevention and control, the safety factor for human health and safety. Guests are always put first. Besides, Vietnam is considered as a country with stable politics, no terrorist incidents, security, and order are guaranteed, Vietnamese people are also very friendly and sociable with international guests. Therefore, Vietnam creates a good impression in the eyes of international tourists about safety in tourism.

Update the situation of tourists in Vietnam at the moment

Recently, due to the outbreak of the disease and complicated developments, the Vietnamese Government was forced to take measures to limit and close entry and exit for international visitors. Because of having to stop receiving visitors from the beginning of 2020, the number of international visitors to Vietnam decreased by 80%, domestic tourists decreased by 50% compared to 2019, reaching only 3.7 million. By 2021, the tourism industry will still have to "freeze" due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of visitors will continue to decrease by 42.5% compared to 2020.

Currently, whether it is safe to travel in Vietnam is a matter of concern to many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Currently, whether it is safe to travel in Vietnam is a matter of concern to many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

By the beginning of 2022, when everything was gradually "new normal", the Government of Vietnam also made a decision to fully open tourism activities, remove restrictions from March 15, 2022. Tourism started to prosper. Thus, international guests will not have to register for a tour, are allowed to come to Vietnam by commercial flight, do not have to use a charter flight as before. However, foreign guests need to have a vaccine certificate or vaccine passport (recognized by Vietnam), have a negative test result for nCoV before boarding the plane to move to Vietnam.

According to data from Google Destination Insights, from around the end of 2021, the number of international visitors searching for information about Vietnam's tourism began to increase (as of January 1, 2022, the number of searches compared to the previous month increased by 222 compared to the previous month. % and up 248% over the same period in 2021), creating positive signals about international tourism in the near future.

Things to note when traveling in Vietnam

Is it safe to travel to Vietnam now?

The question “Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?” It is not yet possible to say that it is completely safe. Although the situation is under control, but not 100%, you are still at risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. Find out information about the COVID-19 situation in your residence and upcoming travel destinations. If you or your family are infected or have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should consider postponing all travel to ensure your health and that of the community.

What to prepare when traveling to Vietnam?

Currently, whether traveling in Vietnam is safe depends not only on the epidemic situation, but also on careful preparation, as well as on the health of visitors. To have a safe and nice trip, foreign tourists need to prepare the following things:

  • Please check the information about the epidemic, whether it is safe to travel in Vietnam at the moment, the travel, accommodation, quarantine and testing requirements in the locality you are going to.
  • Look up information and book accommodation, learn about transportation, restaurants, attractions in the area.

In particular, pay attention to eating enough nutrients, supplementing vitamins, practicing sports to increase resistance, help you have good health, strong immune system to have a happy and safe trip. whole.

  • Get vaccinated with necessary vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella, flu, etc.), especially COVID-19 vaccine, before coming to Vietnam. According to current regulations in Vietnam, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam are required to have a certificate of full dose of COVID-19 vaccine, with negative test results for SARS-CoV-2. Vietnam is also temporarily recognizing vaccination certificates or vaccine passports from 72 countries and territories, check if your country is on this list!
  • Buying medical insurance or travel insurance used to treat COVID-19 with a minimum face value of 10,000 USD is a mandatory regulation for foreigners coming to Vietnam today.
  • Prepare enough medicines that may need to be used during travel in Vietnam. Bring some food and drink if possible.
  • Avoid or limit going to crowded places, crowded places such as events, parties, fairs, etc.

Use the app "Safe travel to Vietnam" when traveling to Vietnam

"Safe tourism in Vietnam" is an application deployed by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. It makes it is easy for international visitors to look up whether it is safe to travel in Vietnam, the level of safety, or not safety of tourist destinations, as well as information about hotels, restaurants, etc. in Vietnam.

Register for temporary residence in Vietnam

According to Article 33 of the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, foreigners who come to temporarily reside must register with State agencies in Vietnam (Community, ward, and township police) or police station or station.

Where should I stay when I first come to Vietnam?

First-time international visitors to Vietnam can choose from big cities or famous tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi capital, Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An ancient town, delta provinces. Mekong River, etc. These places are very popular with tourists when coming to Vietnam. If you want to experience the unique features of Asian people, famous landscapes, ancient architectural works, attractive street food, visitors can come to Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, where there is a rich culture, the intersection of Southeast Asia, China, and France, famous for a series of hundred-year-old historical architectural works (The Huc Bridge, Opera House, etc.), O Quan Chuong, Hoa Phong tower, Long Bien bridge, etc.), has an ecstatic street food background (porridge on Ly Quoc Su street, spring rolls on Dong Cac street, Au Trieu grilled pork roll, O donuts). Quan Chuong, Trang Tien ice cream, etc.).

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Above are all answers to the question "Is it safe to travel in Vietnam now?", as well as things to keep in mind when traveling in Vietnam. If you need more information or want to book a luxury apartment in Hanoi, don't hesitate to contact Property Plus' hotline!