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5 Reasons for Renting a Serviced Apartments

1. A feeling of home away from home: 

Luxury serviced apartments are also known as short-term rentals or corporate housing is a kind of accommodation that offers a place like a home to stay.

Hotels are considered as a most impersonal place with no privacy but a luxury serviced apartment makes you feel like you are staying in your own house, making you more feel more comfortable.

A hotel room can restrict the way you live, but a serviced apartment allows you to live the way you want.

It gives you a space to make meetings events, and also useful for families especially if you are relocating. It offers a separate place for eating, sleeping, relaxing and working.

2. Ideal for business travelers:

People who are moving or relocating to a new place, executives who are traveling for some business meetings and official gatherings can choose Property Plus as an accommodation.

3. Availability of the Luxury facilities will be common:  

In coming years the facilities that will be offered by the service apartment industry will not be just basic amenities based on the assembly line type. The clients will have options to choose from theme based apartments, television packages, fitness centers, different payment options, one-the-go package offers and many more to come. These will totally revolutionized the service apartment industry that will make it the leaders of the service industry.

4. Full Services with the same standard as 5 – star hotels:

In Property Plus, we commit to provide all 5 – star services:

  • House Keeping
  • Regularly Technical Maintainance
  • Customer Service 24/7