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04 best night markets in Hanoi to Visit

After night falls, there are many cool things to do in Hanoi including eating and shopping. However, if you are looking for a memorable night out but not at a bar or cafe, there are night markets that offer an unforgettable holiday experience, as well as a fantastic opportunity for some discount shopping. Here are some of the best night markets in Hanoi.

1. Dong Xuan Night Market

Dong Xuan night market extends from the beginning of Hoan Kiem lake, through Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Duong. The only way to go straight is to make sure you have not missed an interesting stall. Products are sold here are very rich: from adult clothes, bags, wallets, belts ... to a number of household items, souvenirs, home decoration, and many others. With roughly VND 10,000, you could buy a small three pairs of socks. The garments are between VND 70,000 - VND 300,000. In sum, numbering over 4,000 stalls, Old Quarter’s Night Market is a walking and entertaining area for both Hanoians and foreign visitors.  Dong Xuan night market opens after hours and continues until 23 pm.

This is  considered a very useful and successful way to discover the traditional culture in Hanoi. You can find performers of arts like “đàn bầu” “sẩm” and other cultural activities include “ca trù”, “chèo”.

2. Quang Ba Flower Market

If you want an authentic, local experience in Hanoi, you should add Quang Ba Flower Market to your list. Quang Ba Flower Market is the unique market that offers fresh flowers from all across Vietnam including Dong Anh, Soc Son, Me Linh, Dalat and Nhat Tan. The market is open quite early between 2am and 4 am.You can find rows of colourful daisies, cherry blossoms, roses, orchids and sunflowers which can be purchased separately or arranged in bouquets. The market is especially busy during the annual Tet Festival, with well-dressed locals in mopeds passing through the narrow aisles. If you’re a flower enthusiast or an extremely early morning riser, make sure to include Quang Ba Flower Market in your travel itinerary.

3. Long Bien Night Market

One of the most dynamic markets that need to be mentioned for your Hanoi shopping is Long Bien Night Market. This is where the majority of fruit and food traders gather and pick up their items from the suppliers. Starting from 11Pm to the early morning of the next day, this fruit market brings a very joyful and exciting feeling for every visitors to experience the local routine. Not only can we see the buying and selling activities, but we also catch the moments when a person sleeps in the boxes or uses a cardboard cover as the blanket.

4. Old Quarter’s Night Market

Hanoi's Old Quarter is one of the colorful night markets in Hanoi. It is not only a lively area but also a tourist attraction. It is special to note that this market only opens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

There are some lively bars and glitzy nightclubs conveniently set around Hoan Kiem Lake or in the Old Quarter, where you can enjoy great tunes and all sorts of booze as well as mix and mingle with fun-loving locals and expats.

If you travel to (or live in)  Hanoi, be sure to wake up early one morning and visit night market, there are so many interesting things waiting for you.