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Property Plus's Success Stories


One of our ultimate goals upon the making of Property Plus is to diversify the housing market. Based on our study, the original housing market is divided into two main categories, including:
5-star serviced apartments and apartments under the name of individuals.

About 5-star apartments, we talk about massive projects built and administered by one investor. The benefits of renting these apartments are excellent facility and professional service. However, the high price and limited availability may cause big difficulties.

About apartments owned by Landlords, Tenants would have wider range of choices and prices. Yet, they have to face the unstable quality of services as well as cumbersome procedures. Property Plus, as the intermedia party, has successfully created a niche market: providing 5-star services with reasonable price and finally, optimizing the demand and supply of both sides.

Property Plus started out as a real estate brokerage firm, but we wouldn’t stop there; we have also strived to build an administration system which helps to manage apartments and improve the quality of life for customers. Customers trust our service not only because of the quality, but also because we fully comprehend different cultural lifestyles in different countries; therefore, we customize our working manners so as it fits every individual. Property Plus's top priority is to arrange a tidy house for Japanese Tenants; or to maintain a private life for European Tenants, and so on.
Property Plus - as your friend, your supporter, has always dedicated to taking care of the lives of each Tenant: you may ask Property Plus to pick up children from school, count on Property Plus to find lost luggage, go the hospital with the accompany of Property Plus, or enjoy weekend picnics with Property Plus, and many others.
Besides, Property Plus also guarantees to take good care of the busy Landlords: all you need to do is to give your keys to us – Property Plus keeps an eye on your home, Property Plus takes care of your Tenants, Property Plus deals with your paper works. Accordingly, the number of Landlords hands their apartments over to Property Plus has significantly increased in recent years.

Absolute support on every aspect of your life is our great treasure as well as happiness.